Papua New Guinea next!

“Time flies by when you’re having fun”. Isn’t that how it goes? That quote fits perfectly for Australia. It’s been amazing, I don’t even know where the time went. All of a sudden it’s time for me to leave. Yet again, I leave a piece of my heart in yet another place. Little pieces of me is scattered all around the world, and it’s such a pleasant feeling. One of the best things about Australia, was to visit my high school friend, Tonje. She lived (just moved back to Norway this week) in The Gold Coast, if you didn’t know by now, now you know. Tonje took us to these incredible places you can’t even imagine exists. In the 10 days we spent in GC, we went to different food markets. My favorite was Eat Street, which is why I wrote an entire article about it. I mean hello, Unicorn ice-cream? What’s not to love? We visited the relaxed hippie town of Byron Bay, the gorgeous Fingal Head with it’s clear blue water and powdery white sand, Killan Falls, Brisbane. Last weekend we went camping in Stradis, or glamping as I like to call it. Stradis was stunning, very relaxed and beautiful. As I wrote in an earlier post, it’s been over 10 years since last time I went camping, and it was the perfect ending before Cairns. We ate crackers and cheese, drank plenty of wine while sharing stories. We even saw Kangaroos and a koala bear, in the wild!! The cutest little rascals, literally in someone’s backyard, while the koala was chilling in the tree. Thanks to Tonje’s good eyes, I would’ve never seen them. Thank you for that.



Me and Tonje did a TB to Cuba and went skinny dipping under the stars while camping. Skinny dipping is one of my favorite things to do. It’s such a freeing feeling, like your doing something your not supposed to. You feel so alive! Whenever those kind of feelings arise, you should do more of that. It’s exactly what I try to do everyday, to live in the moment. It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life, but it’s important to remember to seize the moment and enjoy the small stuff. The moments that sets your soul on fire. Australia went by too fast, but that’s what’s so good about traveling. You can always come back. The last leg of this trip, and the highlight here in Australia was without a doubt skydiving. No words can describe this euphoric feeling of being free. I felt so alive! You can read about that here. And of course I did a little dive in the Great Barrier Reef. Can’t travel all the way to Australia without a dip in the infamous reef. Now I can finally cross those two items off the list.

In one hour I’m flying out to Papua New Guinea. I have no idea what to expect, I will most likely be without internet for the next 2-3 weeks to come. I’ll check in whenever possible, crossing fingers for whatever good stories I will come back with. I am so excited for the unknown! So many have asked why we’re going to PNG, it’s a very dangerous destination. It’s also unchartered and no one really knows anything, beside what they’ve read online or through an article. That’s why I’m so excited to be able to give you my first hand experience of this unknown country. With PNG being so off everyone’s radar, it’s exactly why I want to go there. Wish us good luck and let’s debunk this whole cannibal thing, once and for all!


Until’ next time,


Bucketlist: Skydiving!!

There are few things in this world that scares me, like heights. I’ve had the biggest fear of heights for as long as I can remember. My fear isn’t always triggered by the same thing, but it usually pops out whenever there is a open space, like when I’m standing near a cliff. The thought alone of Bungy jumping or skydiving would almost have me in tears. When I set out on this trip I had one goal, one thing I refused to leave Australia without completing. That goal was skydiving. And you bet I finally did it!! I can’t believe I actually went through with it, but am so I glad, and proud of myself, for doing it. It’s the best thing I have ever done in my life. I was trembling with fear, and I wanted to vomit. I wanted to cry, and I wanted to scream for being scared. Skydiving is not only scary if you’ve never done it before, but it’s a very emotional thing to do. It brings up a lot of scary feelings. The day before I kept repeating the words “I can do it, I want to do it, I will do it, I am doing it” like a mantra. I booked my skydive the day before because I know myself well enough to know, given enough time, I would back out and cancel, even it meant losing everything I’d payed for. My instructor, Richard, came over while we waited for the last clients to check in, to chat up a little bit. His calm presence helped me stay relaxed, all that stress went away. I felt calm after that, until we were up in the air. Those little airplanes are no where near the same as the big ones. You definitely feel this 10 times more. The door was also right in front of me. My panick didn’t start until the captain announced it was time to jump out. There was one girl before me, thank god I wasn’t going first. “Just stay calm” Richard says, right before the door goes up. “Remember, stay calm”. And swoosh down she went. “Oh my god, ooooooh my god, oooh my god” was all I could say. F***. No turning back now. I went up in the plane, but my mind refused to grasp what was about to happen. I wasn’t really going to go through with it, right? Pfff, no. No. NO! Before I could start negotiating not having to go through with it, my instructor had scooped us out to the door and my feet was dangling outside of the plane, my head pulled back. Oh shit. This is it. All of a sudden I feel the wind everywhere, those 200km/h hits me hard in my stomach. Thank god the instructor wore earplugs because I was screaming, with full lung capacity.

Christine Halvorsen 0066Christine Halvorsen 0072Swoopware 0047

I opened my eyes and it took 2 seconds from we exited the plane, for me to realize I was flying. All that fear went straight away. I was blasted with amazement. This extreme euphoric feeling of happiness and wonder. A burst of laughter and a non stop scream of victory with “this is so awesome!!” In those seconds where we were free falling, I was high, high on life!! I felt so alive, more alive than I have ever felt in the longest of times. Last but not least, I felt so proud of myself for going through with it, and pushing myself to the maximum. Not letting fear dictate how I live my life. It’s scary, but not doing the things your heart yearns for, is even more scarier. Skydiving is one of those things you can’t explain, it’s something you need to discover for yourself. If you dare to jump, I can promise you, what you will experience is an out-of-this-world sensation. So what are you waiting for?

Swoopware 0061Christine Halvorsen 0098Swoopware 0073

A day in Byron Bay and the farm

The famous Byron Bay, home to Thor himself along with all the free spirited people living here. We’d heard that Byron bay was a place that needed to be checked out. It’s very relaxing, the beach is beautiful but it’s packed with people and fellow travelers. I wasn’t aware of how bohemian this city was. It seems like all the hippies from the 60´s came here and just decided to stay and live out of the rest of their days in a camper van. Byron is filled with cute little shops, locally owned cafés and vintage shops. Insta bloggers would love coming here, there is not a lack of colorful backgrounds that gives you the perfect Insta picture. After enjoying a cup of coffee in the grass, and people watching we strolled through town where I picked out some cool patches for my jacket. Our attention was drawn towards the happiest man I have ever seen. A man clearly not giving a fu** about social norms, singing his heart out while shaking his pineapple and avocado shaker. “Rise and shine, rise and shine, it’s a beautiful day in Byron bay. If you shake yours I’ll shake miiiiine”. It’s quite catchy actually. If you check out my personal Insta chrissshalvorsen you can find a snippet of this adorable old man.

When you’ve had enough of sipping on coffee, eating crepes and tanning on the beach, you can always head on up to the lighthouse. You can even drive by Chris Hemsworth house, or try at least. If Mr.Hemsworth isn’t your cup of tea, then you can just enjoy the stunning coastline, then go for a swim before you venture up to the viewing point. There was no place to park our car, so we didn’t have the pleasure of snapping some photos like the dozen other people there, but we drove by and got a little taste of what it looked like. We were more than satisfied with that.


Another thing that attracts the Gold Coasters to Byron, is a place called The Farm. We have something similar in my hometown, but not nearly as well executed in design or eating options. The Farm is literally a farm with animals like chicken, pig and sheep. We only saw the Chickens so I can’t say for sure. But the food is amazing, the sourdough bread with butter is out of this world. Each of us ordered a plate of bread with freshly squeezed juice. I can’t remember the last time I only ate bread, and it was as good as the one The Farm makes. Yum!


The last stop of the day was Killan Falls. No worries, the walk is short and you don’t have to trek through the forest nor climb any rocks to reach the waterfall. It’s very beautiful, the drive over is scenic. Killan Falls is in the country side giving a tranquil feeling. It’s very quiet and relaxing, giving a nice break from the hectic city life. The Gold Coast is very quiet compared to the bigger cities, but there is more than enough traffic of people wandering up and down the beach. It was nice to escape the crowd, even if it was only for a couple of hours. The water was very cold, and it felt like being whipped when we stood under the drop. Not the most flattering pictures, but oh well. We can’t always be dolled up you know.


That was that. Pretty good for a week in the Gold Coast heey. Tomorrow we’re going camping at Stradis. I can’t even pronounce the actual place so I’ll stick with the short version, Stradis. According to Tonje this is the real deal, what Australia is all about. We’ll be 7 girls and 1 guy. Morten even get’s a private tent, but I get to camp out with Tonje so I guess I’m the winner here! I’m really excited to go camping, I haven’t done that since I was 15 I think. It’s loooong over due, and I can’t think of a better time to do it, than while I’m traveling. The more memories the merrier right? What’s your plans for this weekend?

Love, Chris.

Fingal head and bird watching

Australia is filled with out-of-this-world scenery. The nature is incredulous, wild turkeys roam free, on the coastline whales splash their tails and dolphins jump up and down. As you drive from one beach to the next, you will encounter many of the wildlife living here in Australia. Just as we were on the way to Fingal Head lighthouse and Dream beach, Tonje spotted a wild parrot on the side of the road. Monday morning we started the day at 5.00 am to witness the sunrise. We didn’t see as much of the sunrise as we’d hoped for because of the cloudy sky. It was still a very beautiful one, and the colors were popping. We went down to the cock, but this time we weren’t alone. A little visitor decided to chill on the edge, a Kookaburra. It was adorable! And fluffy, and it didn’t mind me one bit playing a National Geographic photographer with my little camera up in it’s face. You can come home with me any time you’d like lil’ buddy!


After our little sunrise walk, we retracted back to our den to get a little rest before the next adventures of the day. What’s really great about having a friend here in Australia, not only does Tonje know all the best spots I would never have found on my own, she also has a car which makes getting around a lot easier. Aaaand she is moving back home next week, so she is just as keen as us, to explore, make new memories and do as much as possible in very little time. I have to admit I’m starting to really feel the hectic days, but it’s been amazing. Great food, good company, beautiful nature and vintage shopping, who am I to complain. One of these mind-blowing places she took us to, was Fingal Head. You can’t get it any more Australian than this. It’s a short drive form Gold Coast, in a different state aaaand Fingal Head is one hour ahead of Gold Coast, which I think was really cool.

P1110528P1110532P1110535P1110543P1110549P1110557P1110601P1110615The view here was stunning, the water so clear and blue. In the horizon we spotted a big family of dolphins. Surfers were bodyboarding over the huge waves. Water splashed the rocks while fishermen tried to catch the fish of the day. Before you head down to the beach make sure to take the walk up to the lighthouse, you will not regret it because the view is spectacular. Here we even spotted an eagle! I felt like Steve Irwin or something, crawling as close as possible to get that perfect shot. I still cannot believe how the Kookaburra and this eagle, let me get so close to take a couple of photos. I was certain the eagle would try to pluck out my eyes or something, but it just stared back and eventually Tonje got bored of me taking 100 pictures, and scared it away. Hey at least I got a cool shot of the eagle flying away!

P1110639P1110671P1110694P1110734P1110763P1110783P1110785P1110803P1110826P1110832P1110845P1110951Tonje and her playful pupper friend

I managed to fall asleep on the beach, and I woke up completely disoriented and half stumbling over as we walked back to the car. If this has ever happened to you, you know how uncomfortable it can be. The sun here don’t mess around, so lather up in sun lotion guys and seek some shade!

We finished our adventurous day with dinner in this cool place called Mexicali. I don’t know what’s up with me and these Mexican restaurants lately, I guess I’ll just have to get my ass over to Mexico after New Years. Get your sombrero on, order some tacos and bring your friends because the white wine sangria will have you singing along to “one more time we’re gonna celebrate” while you smile at the amazing friends you have around you. What a time to be alive heey! Oh and I started a private instagra, account – chrissshalvorsen for those who want to see more personal pictures. Have you checked out my little travel video from Eat street? Head on here to get a little inspired by all the good stuff you can munch down on.


Cheers to the weekend

When you imagine Australia The Gold Coast is a good representation of that laid back beach lifestyle. Surfers waking up before the sunrise to catch the first wave of the day, joggers running with a stunning beach view, friends stopping by the espresso nook to get their coffee fix and families taking their pup for their morning walk. The city is well alive and bustling long before 7.00 am. I am fairly impressed. As I mentioned I would be hitting up different food markets this weekend, and the first one was Miami Marketta. We went there Friday night, and unfortunately it was too dark for pictures, in other words I did not bring my camera as it’s not the best for night pictures. Pretty much the only picture I have is of the Vegan cake tasting basket I bought from ieightcake

Untitled-4-1-850x400(Photo taken from


So you know those nights where you didn’t plan to go out, and it ends up being one of the best nights you’ve had in a long long time? Friday night was one of those nights. We started with a espresso martini that got me wired and hyper! Best kickstarter for a night if you ask me. Tonje took us to this cool whiskey bar that just opened up last week, you have to text a phone number to get in. Lockwood bar has this cool speakeasy theme going on, there is only 30 people there at a time so it’s not crowded, and the staff is ridiculously kind. Us Norwegian have a thing or two to learn from the service provided here in Australia. Unless you know someone who knows the location of the bar, it’s hard to find it. But should you stumble across Lockwood, the number you text is on the red door. Rumor has it that Jason Mamoa likes to stop by for a drink with his possy, so ladies.. You know where to go. A little tip when going out in Australia, if you don’t have a drivers license, you will need a passport. I had to take an Uber back to my room to get my passport to could get in. Any other ID will be declined, just a heads up. We met these cool guys that we ended up dancing with all night long, and ended the night at a casino. The night wasn’t as much of a blur, but we did find this picture on Morten’s phone. Can’t really say I know what the hell I was doing, but.. We can say for sure that the night was a success. 22790806_1814090661951748_1470972235_o

There isn’t much to tell about Saturday because the weather was grim and we just stayed in all day watching movies, repairing from the night before. Let’s just skip to the good part of the weekend. Us gals kickstarted the day with a walk at 8.00 am up to the looking point over The Gold Coast. As I mentioned, by 7.00 am the city is already bustling with life, and I can’t express enough how impressed I am with the citizens of this beautiful city. Yet again, we should pick up a thing or two from these folks. The view at the looking point is amazing, you have a 180 degree view over the Gold Coast. The sun was shining and in the horizon we spotted whales splashing their tail, and dolphins jumping playfully up and down. I even dared to sit on the Cock as it’s known by the people living here. There isn’t much that scares me, but I can’t seem to get over my fear of heights. It makes me dizzy and sick to my stomach, and even though I freak out, I still try to push myself. I can seek comfort that the pictures looks hella good, and at least I’m trying not to let my fear get in the way of living (on the edge).


After our walk we enjoyed a lovely avocado toast breakfast, a short tanning sesh on the beach, a quick shower and a outfit change before we headed to Brisbane for Eat street food market. Head on over to my next post to check out this Insta perfect food market.

Eat street food market

Eat street food market was without a doubt the hightlight of my weekend. I’d been dreaming about one of those Unicone Cronut ice-creams for 2 weeks, and I was not disappointed. Eat street is one of those cool gems you can’t leave Brisbane or the Gold Coast without at least just strolling through. There is live music, great food for all preferences, and desserts that will make your inner child squeal. I’m a big foodie, I love cafés and kitschy places with a well executed theme. Eat street definitely has this going on, you are left amazed and wondering why there isn’t such a thing in your hometown. In my hometown we do have a food festival, but only 3 days a year. It can’t even compare to this. Eat street food market is open every weekend of the year, we barely touched the surface of all the good food you can get here. Me personally I binged through the ice-cream, I am slightly obsessed with those Insta perfect photo ops so ice-cream it was..

Morten and Tonje binged on food, and helped me finish my icecreams (yes in plural). How often can you say you had an icecream taco and unicone cronut ice-cream? Exactly. All that ice-cream gave me a serious sugar rush that lasted for an hour. By the time we were driving from Brisbane I just fell asleep like a baby, all the way home. Well fed and happy, with a bunch of new awesome photo’s for my Insta collection. I whole heartedly will recommend you to stop by here, to get your fix of all the cool ice creams and treats your stomach can bare. Eat street is an adventure that needs to be put on people’s radar.



Here’s a map on how to get there from the Gold Coast:

Skjermbilde 2017-10-24 kl. 09.27.35

What else? There is a 2.5 dollar entrance fee, and most stalls only take cash so remember to bring some. There is ATM’s in case you forget, but you have to pay a 3 dollar fee. If you are intrigued please check them out here or follow them on FB where they post all the amazing food you too can get your hands on! Now I’m off to some more adventures here in the Gold Coast before we set the night on fire in Mexicali. Tudels for now.

Love Chris.

3 little birdies in the Gold Coast

After 5 days of very little sleep our last days in Bali, we were thrilled to catch up on some sleep on our flight to Brisbane. Bali was amazing, but the last days we partied a little bit too much, which explains my insanely dark circles under my eyes when I landed in Brisbane. We were both nervous entering Australia, especially after everything we’ve seen on TV, and because we brought with us wood articles. Morten bought mask and I bought a couple of coconut bowls in Bali. We declared everything on the forms they hand out to you on the airplane, and as long as they can inspect the items, you are usually fine. The line wasn’t too bad, and moved on pretty quickly. My coconut bowls were fine, but Morten’s mask needed a more thorough inspection. A quick look from the inspector and we were cleared and ready to go! We we’re kinda bummed that we didn’t get a passport stamp when we entered, apparently they stopped doing that 2-3 months ago. All in all it went smoothly, and we were just happy that we didn’t end up on TV being deported back.

My friend Tonje came to pick up us, and man it was good to see her again. I was still pretty tired when we drove from Brisbane airport to the Gold Coast where she lives, so I dozed off the entire ride, and woke up just in time for breakfast. Of course I went for another smoothie bowl, can’t get enough of these delicious babies.


After breakfast we checked into our apartment Tonje hooked us up with. The guy renting out the rooms is one of friendliest guys I’ve ever met. Apparently everyone here in Australia is insanely friendly, I love it! A quick shower and we headed over to Burleigh Hill to chill in the grass, eat some crackers with brie, and sip on some white wine. A perfect day for two sleepy travelers.


The best way to see a new city is when you know someone who lives there. They will show you all the cool nooks and corners, the best beaches and look out points you as a tourist won’t find on your own. Plus Tonje has a car, which makes getting around pretty easy. Last night after dinner we went to bed early. Or more accurately, I passed out before 10 pm. I’m only a party animal until’ 9 pm, and then this grandma needs her beauty sleep.

This morning we woke up bright and early by Tonje knocking on our door 8 am. Today we’ve just chilled on the beach in Tallebudgera creek, went for a walk up to the lookout and spotted a whale blowing out water and splashing with it’s tail. This coast is seriously beautiful. First of all it’s cool to see everyone running around with their surfboard. I need to get on that too one day, might do it while I’m here. Second it’s weird being back in the western society. The first thing I mentioned to Morten at the airport was “where is all the asian people?” It’s funny how used to the asian lifestyle and people you get by spending 5 months there. And last but not least, it’s a lot colder here. It’s really warm during the day when the sun pops out, but in the evenings and when it’s cloudy.. Brrr…

P1100927P1100930P1100932P1100947P1100958P1100961P1100962P1100977P1100978P1100979P1100982P1110010P1110057P1110065P1110100P1110116P1110128Now I gotta go ready, we’re hitting up a food market to check out the food scene here in Gold Coast. I will be eating and eating all weekend long, fill out dem booty shorts again. We’ll talk again after this weekend! Have a beautiful Friday everyone,

Love Chris.