Australia is filled with out-of-this-world scenery. The nature is incredulous, wild turkeys roam free, on the coastline whales splash their tails and dolphins jump up and down. As you drive from one beach to the next, you will encounter many of the wildlife living here in Australia. Just as we were on the way to Fingal Head lighthouse and Dream beach, Tonje spotted a wild parrot on the side of the road. Monday morning we started the day at 5.00 am to witness the sunrise. We didn’t see as much of the sunrise as we’d hoped for because of the cloudy sky. It was still a very beautiful one, and the colors were popping. We went down to the cock, but this time we weren’t alone. A little visitor decided to chill on the edge, a Kookaburra. It was adorable! And fluffy, and it didn’t mind me one bit playing a National Geographic photographer with my little camera up in it’s face. You can come home with me any time you’d like lil’ buddy!


After our little sunrise walk, we retracted back to our den to get a little rest before the next adventures of the day. What’s really great about having a friend here in Australia, not only does Tonje know all the best spots I would never have found on my own, she also has a car which makes getting around a lot easier. Aaaand she is moving back home next week, so she is just as keen as us, to explore, make new memories and do as much as possible in very little time. I have to admit I’m starting to really feel the hectic days, but it’s been amazing. Great food, good company, beautiful nature and vintage shopping, who am I to complain. One of these mind-blowing places she took us to, was Fingal Head. You can’t get it any more Australian than this. It’s a short drive form Gold Coast, in a different state aaaand Fingal Head is one hour ahead of Gold Coast, which I think was really cool.

P1110528P1110532P1110535P1110543P1110549P1110557P1110601P1110615The view here was stunning, the water so clear and blue. In the horizon we spotted a big family of dolphins. Surfers were bodyboarding over the huge waves. Water splashed the rocks while fishermen tried to catch the fish of the day. Before you head down to the beach make sure to take the walk up to the lighthouse, you will not regret it because the view is spectacular. Here we even spotted an eagle! I felt like Steve Irwin or something, crawling as close as possible to get that perfect shot. I still cannot believe how the Kookaburra and this eagle, let me get so close to take a couple of photos. I was certain the eagle would try to pluck out my eyes or something, but it just stared back and eventually Tonje got bored of me taking 100 pictures, and scared it away. Hey at least I got a cool shot of the eagle flying away!

P1110639P1110671P1110694P1110734P1110763P1110783P1110785P1110803P1110826P1110832P1110845P1110951Tonje and her playful pupper friend

I managed to fall asleep on the beach, and I woke up completely disoriented and half stumbling over as we walked back to the car. If this has ever happened to you, you know how uncomfortable it can be. The sun here don’t mess around, so lather up in sun lotion guys and seek some shade!

We finished our adventurous day with dinner in this cool place called Mexicali. I don’t know what’s up with me and these Mexican restaurants lately, I guess I’ll just have to get my ass over to Mexico after New Years. Get your sombrero on, order some tacos and bring your friends because the white wine sangria will have you singing along to “one more time we’re gonna celebrate” while you smile at the amazing friends you have around you. What a time to be alive heey! Oh and I started a private instagra, account – chrissshalvorsen for those who want to see more personal pictures. Have you checked out my little travel video from Eat street? Head on here to get a little inspired by all the good stuff you can munch down on.


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