The famous Byron Bay, home to Thor himself along with all the free spirited people living here. We’d heard that Byron bay was a place that needed to be checked out. It’s very relaxing, the beach is beautiful but it’s packed with people and fellow travelers. I wasn’t aware of how bohemian this city was. It seems like all the hippies from the 60´s came here and just decided to stay and live out of the rest of their days in a camper van. Byron is filled with cute little shops, locally owned cafés and vintage shops. Insta bloggers would love coming here, there is not a lack of colorful backgrounds that gives you the perfect Insta picture. After enjoying a cup of coffee in the grass, and people watching we strolled through town where I picked out some cool patches for my jacket. Our attention was drawn towards the happiest man I have ever seen. A man clearly not giving a fu** about social norms, singing his heart out while shaking his pineapple and avocado shaker. “Rise and shine, rise and shine, it’s a beautiful day in Byron bay. If you shake yours I’ll shake miiiiine”. It’s quite catchy actually. If you check out my personal Insta chrissshalvorsen you can find a snippet of this adorable old man.

When you’ve had enough of sipping on coffee, eating crepes and tanning on the beach, you can always head on up to the lighthouse. You can even drive by Chris Hemsworth house, or try at least. If Mr.Hemsworth isn’t your cup of tea, then you can just enjoy the stunning coastline, then go for a swim before you venture up to the viewing point. There was no place to park our car, so we didn’t have the pleasure of snapping some photos like the dozen other people there, but we drove by and got a little taste of what it looked like. We were more than satisfied with that.


Another thing that attracts the Gold Coasters to Byron, is a place called The Farm. We have something similar in my hometown, but not nearly as well executed in design or eating options. The Farm is literally a farm with animals like chicken, pig and sheep. We only saw the Chickens so I can’t say for sure. But the food is amazing, the sourdough bread with butter is out of this world. Each of us ordered a plate of bread with freshly squeezed juice. I can’t remember the last time I only ate bread, and it was as good as the one The Farm makes. Yum!


The last stop of the day was Killan Falls. No worries, the walk is short and you don’t have to trek through the forest nor climb any rocks to reach the waterfall. It’s very beautiful, the drive over is scenic. Killan Falls is in the country side giving a tranquil feeling. It’s very quiet and relaxing, giving a nice break from the hectic city life. The Gold Coast is very quiet compared to the bigger cities, but there is more than enough traffic of people wandering up and down the beach. It was nice to escape the crowd, even if it was only for a couple of hours. The water was very cold, and it felt like being whipped when we stood under the drop. Not the most flattering pictures, but oh well. We can’t always be dolled up you know.


That was that. Pretty good for a week in the Gold Coast heey. Tomorrow we’re going camping at Stradis. I can’t even pronounce the actual place so I’ll stick with the short version, Stradis. According to Tonje this is the real deal, what Australia is all about. We’ll be 7 girls and 1 guy. Morten even get’s a private tent, but I get to camp out with Tonje so I guess I’m the winner here! I’m really excited to go camping, I haven’t done that since I was 15 I think. It’s loooong over due, and I can’t think of a better time to do it, than while I’m traveling. The more memories the merrier right? What’s your plans for this weekend?

Love, Chris.

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