When you imagine Australia The Gold Coast is a good representation of that laid back beach lifestyle. Surfers waking up before the sunrise to catch the first wave of the day, joggers running with a stunning beach view, friends stopping by the espresso nook to get their coffee fix and families taking their pup for their morning walk. The city is well alive and bustling long before 7.00 am. I am fairly impressed. As I mentioned I would be hitting up different food markets this weekend, and the first one was Miami Marketta. We went there Friday night, and unfortunately it was too dark for pictures, in other words I did not bring my camera as it’s not the best for night pictures. Pretty much the only picture I have is of the Vegan cake tasting basket I bought from ieightcake

Untitled-4-1-850x400(Photo taken from google.com)


So you know those nights where you didn’t plan to go out, and it ends up being one of the best nights you’ve had in a long long time? Friday night was one of those nights. We started with a espresso martini that got me wired and hyper! Best kickstarter for a night if you ask me. Tonje took us to this cool whiskey bar that just opened up last week, you have to text a phone number to get in. Lockwood bar has this cool speakeasy theme going on, there is only 30 people there at a time so it’s not crowded, and the staff is ridiculously kind. Us Norwegian have a thing or two to learn from the service provided here in Australia. Unless you know someone who knows the location of the bar, it’s hard to find it. But should you stumble across Lockwood, the number you text is on the red door. Rumor has it that Jason Mamoa likes to stop by for a drink with his possy, so ladies.. You know where to go. A little tip when going out in Australia, if you don’t have a drivers license, you will need a passport. I had to take an Uber back to my room to get my passport to could get in. Any other ID will be declined, just a heads up. We met these cool guys that we ended up dancing with all night long, and ended the night at a casino. The night wasn’t as much of a blur, but we did find this picture on Morten’s phone. Can’t really say I know what the hell I was doing, but.. We can say for sure that the night was a success. 22790806_1814090661951748_1470972235_o

There isn’t much to tell about Saturday because the weather was grim and we just stayed in all day watching movies, repairing from the night before. Let’s just skip to the good part of the weekend. Us gals kickstarted the day with a walk at 8.00 am up to the looking point over The Gold Coast. As I mentioned, by 7.00 am the city is already bustling with life, and I can’t express enough how impressed I am with the citizens of this beautiful city. Yet again, we should pick up a thing or two from these folks. The view at the looking point is amazing, you have a 180 degree view over the Gold Coast. The sun was shining and in the horizon we spotted whales splashing their tail, and dolphins jumping playfully up and down. I even dared to sit on the Cock as it’s known by the people living here. There isn’t much that scares me, but I can’t seem to get over my fear of heights. It makes me dizzy and sick to my stomach, and even though I freak out, I still try to push myself. I can seek comfort that the pictures looks hella good, and at least I’m trying not to let my fear get in the way of living (on the edge).


After our walk we enjoyed a lovely avocado toast breakfast, a short tanning sesh on the beach, a quick shower and a outfit change before we headed to Brisbane for Eat street food market. Head on over to my next post to check out this Insta perfect food market.

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