Eat street food market was without a doubt the hightlight of my weekend. I’d been dreaming about one of those Unicone Cronut ice-creams for 2 weeks, and I was not disappointed. Eat street is one of those cool gems you can’t leave Brisbane or the Gold Coast without at least just strolling through. There is live music, great food for all preferences, and desserts that will make your inner child squeal. I’m a big foodie, I love cafés and kitschy places with a well executed theme. Eat street definitely has this going on, you are left amazed and wondering why there isn’t such a thing in your hometown. In my hometown we do have a food festival, but only 3 days a year. It can’t even compare to this. Eat street food market is open every weekend of the year, we barely touched the surface of all the good food you can get here. Me personally I binged through the ice-cream, I am slightly obsessed with those Insta perfect photo ops so ice-cream it was..

Morten and Tonje binged on food, and helped me finish my icecreams (yes in plural). How often can you say you had an icecream taco and unicone cronut ice-cream? Exactly. All that ice-cream gave me a serious sugar rush that lasted for an hour. By the time we were driving from Brisbane I just fell asleep like a baby, all the way home. Well fed and happy, with a bunch of new awesome photo’s for my Insta collection. I whole heartedly will recommend you to stop by here, to get your fix of all the cool ice creams and treats your stomach can bare. Eat street is an adventure that needs to be put on people’s radar.



Here’s a map on how to get there from the Gold Coast:

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What else? There is a 2.5 dollar entrance fee, and most stalls only take cash so remember to bring some. There is ATM’s in case you forget, but you have to pay a 3 dollar fee. If you are intrigued please check them out here or follow them on FB where they post all the amazing food you too can get your hands on! Now I’m off to some more adventures here in the Gold Coast before we set the night on fire in Mexicali. Tudels for now.

Love Chris.

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