After 5 days of very little sleep our last days in Bali, we were thrilled to catch up on some sleep on our flight to Brisbane. Bali was amazing, but the last days we partied a little bit too much, which explains my insanely dark circles under my eyes when I landed in Brisbane. We were both nervous entering Australia, especially after everything we’ve seen on TV, and because we brought with us wood articles. Morten bought mask and I bought a couple of coconut bowls in Bali. We declared everything on the forms they hand out to you on the airplane, and as long as they can inspect the items, you are usually fine. The line wasn’t too bad, and moved on pretty quickly. My coconut bowls were fine, but Morten’s mask needed a more thorough inspection. A quick look from the inspector and we were cleared and ready to go! We we’re kinda bummed that we didn’t get a passport stamp when we entered, apparently they stopped doing that 2-3 months ago. All in all it went smoothly, and we were just happy that we didn’t end up on TV being deported back.

My friend Tonje came to pick up us, and man it was good to see her again. I was still pretty tired when we drove from Brisbane airport to the Gold Coast where she lives, so I dozed off the entire ride, and woke up just in time for breakfast. Of course I went for another smoothie bowl, can’t get enough of these delicious babies.


After breakfast we checked into our apartment Tonje hooked us up with. The guy renting out the rooms is one of friendliest guys I’ve ever met. Apparently everyone here in Australia is insanely friendly, I love it! A quick shower and we headed over to Burleigh Hill to chill in the grass, eat some crackers with brie, and sip on some white wine. A perfect day for two sleepy travelers.


The best way to see a new city is when you know someone who lives there. They will show you all the cool nooks and corners, the best beaches and look out points you as a tourist won’t find on your own. Plus Tonje has a car, which makes getting around pretty easy. Last night after dinner we went to bed early. Or more accurately, I passed out before 10 pm. I’m only a party animal until’ 9 pm, and then this grandma needs her beauty sleep.

This morning we woke up bright and early by Tonje knocking on our door 8 am. Today we’ve just chilled on the beach in Tallebudgera creek, went for a walk up to the lookout and spotted a whale blowing out water and splashing with it’s tail. This coast is seriously beautiful. First of all it’s cool to see everyone running around with their surfboard. I need to get on that too one day, might do it while I’m here. Second it’s weird being back in the western society. The first thing I mentioned to Morten at the airport was “where is all the asian people?” It’s funny how used to the asian lifestyle and people you get by spending 5 months there. And last but not least, it’s a lot colder here. It’s really warm during the day when the sun pops out, but in the evenings and when it’s cloudy.. Brrr…

P1100927P1100930P1100932P1100947P1100958P1100961P1100962P1100977P1100978P1100979P1100982P1110010P1110057P1110065P1110100P1110116P1110128Now I gotta go ready, we’re hitting up a food market to check out the food scene here in Gold Coast. I will be eating and eating all weekend long, fill out dem booty shorts again. We’ll talk again after this weekend! Have a beautiful Friday everyone,

Love Chris.


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