Hello fine folks, time has flown by and it feels like yesterday I landed here in Bali. My apologies for not updating as much about my everyday activities, I’m working on a different type of content, were I give you tips on things to do in the different cities I visit. This is more time consuming, but it’s a different type of travel posts. I promise I’ll be better at daily updates, also to throw it out, I do post Insta stories and snap stories with a more behind the scenes of my every day life on the road. I absolutely love to travel, but it takes it toll on the body and the mind. When you are constantly packing in and out every 3-4 days, every now and then you just need to take a break from it all so you don’t loose your mind. Bali has been that break for me, and I think it’s good to just let your soul get some peace from the constant social media world we live in. But let’s get to it, what have I been up to these past 2 weeks? Of course you post the best pictures you have, but sometimes you gotta say fuck it and just show the world, what really goes behind the scenes. Besides those picture perfect Instagram posts, this is what it actually looks like when me and Morten is traveling together. Oh what fun times we have!

P1090160We first landed in Kuta where we spent two days. After 15 hours of traveling and no sleep, we weren’t keen on doing much. We spent the first day treating ourselves to a nice dinner while watching the incredible Bali sunsets. The day after we slept in, walked around to see what the city was like, and ended the night with a blast of Bintang beers and a very drunk Christine. Let’s just say I can’t hold my liquor the way I did when I was 18. There isn’t really that much to do in Kuta, the surf is great, the nightlight is cool and the Nasi Goreng is delish, but it’s not my favorite cup of tea. The day after our blow out, two hungover backpackers got in a car and headed towards Seminyak. P109021622563612_1807198275974320_1661151991_o

Now Seminyak, is a town I can get behind. If you are wondering where those picturesque cafés and restaurant all those instabloggers post pictures from, that would be Seminyak. Basically all I’ve done here in Seminyak, is eat my way through all the fancy ass cafés, wrap my hair in a hair scarf, put on my big ass hoops and let my bohemian spirit fly. The food scene in Seminyak is insane. I feel like I’ve eaten like a queen every single meal. There is a ton of vegan and vegetarian options. My belly is little bigger than what it was when I came from The Philippines, but who wouldn’t want to eat their way through Bali. I mentioned earlier in this post that I’m working on a more tip related post, so all the cool places will be posted within the next days to come. I can easily see myself spending a couple of months out of the year in this city. It’s very fast paced, packed with travelers of all kind, but you go with the flow. From the glittery dark sand to the amazing atmosphere in Mexicola, Seminyak is a place to put on your map. 22396762_1800402669987214_1147678092_oP1090527P1090405P1090722P1090724P1090808P1100031P1090853

A trip to Bali is not complete without a trip to the infamous rice terraces. Where to find the rice terraces? Well Ubud of course. If the constant honking of car horns turns you off, then travel no further than the cultural hub of Ubud. It’s very, very relaxing. The word I feel best describes Ubud would be tranquil. Ubud is more slow paced, a stronger influence of the Balinese culture and here is where you come to get in touch with the Indonesian nature. We only planned on spending 2 days and then travel to Gili. But after a couple of hours trying to plan with our hostel host what tours to take, we quickly agreed that we would need more than 2 days. One day I will deff come back and travel to Gili, but when you have 2 weeks, and we have plenty of beaches planned after Bali, you prioritize what you normally won’t come by. We spent our days here soaking in the beautiful nature, trekking up Mount Batu volcano to witness one of the most beautiful sunrises, I have ever seen. We visited the Jatiluwih ricefields, stayed with a local family where we dined in their backyard temple, and treated ourselves to a 4 hours luxury spa treatment, in one of the best Spa’s in the world. When in Bali, right? Hmm, what else? Yes, yoga and meditation. Ubud attracts yogis from all over the world. I missed the morning flow session, but I tried Qi gong, which was interesting. We can safely say that Ubud was a success. 22396824_1800402683320546_1367924688_oP1100404P1100582P1100695P1100701P1100739P1100600P1100144.jpg

And last but not least, Bali is famous for it’s incredible diverse marine life. Ya’ll know that  I identify as Ariels long lost Norwegian cousin, I couldn’t leave without jumping into the blue and hunt for Manta Rays and Mola Mola. Our friendly host, and now friend drove us to Sanur so we could catch the boat over to Nusa Lembongan. When you want to dive, there is several islands to choose between. The most common islands near Bali is Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Ceningan and Gili. Your best chance to spot Manta Rays is around Manta Bay and Manta Point. These two spots is 30 minutes with boat from Nusa Lembongan. We chose to dive with Dive concept. Now diving here is more expensive than other places, but it’s worth the money. Morten finally finished his open water! Yay and congrats my friend! On his birthday, he saw several Manta rays while snorkeling. Happy birthday Morten! I already have my open and advanced, so I jumped in the water. Normally I just skip the wetsuit, but the water here is freezing. This time I put on layers of dive equipment because I felt like I was freezing my balls off. But not 2 minutes after depending down, our guide points of two huge mantas! Holy christ they are so much bigger than I could ever imagine. This marine creatures are so elegant and gentle. I lost count on how many mantas we saw, but I saw a black manta 3 times! There was turtles, and on our way from Manta Bay to Crystal Bay there was dolphins jumping in front of the boat and Merlin/Swordfish playing in the water. In crystal bay we dove down into a cave filled with bats!! Best day ever I squealed with joy. We dove back down into the water and tried to hunt for Mola Mola, the weird looking sunfish. The current was too strong, and we couldn’t leave the area with corals. All I saw of the Mola Mola was the contour/shadow far away from the drop. Also we saw lots of boxfish, an octopus, sea snakes and a ton of colorful fish. Thumbs up for diving here, guys! P1100812P110082722496937_1807198279307653_1162500353_o22532198_1807198289307652_1794772399_o22641910_1807198295974318_1154103917_o22555972_1807201759307305_1847148836_o22546783_1807201762640638_1621202053_o

Now we’re back in Seminyak just relaxing before our next flight tomorrow. You will have to come back tomorrow to find out where our next destination is. Have a beautiful day everyone. P1100825

Love, Chris.

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