It’s 9.00 am and we’re headed towards our next destination. My legs feel like sticks, my eyes are getting heavy and I doze off in the car. When I wake up an hour later my eyes are met with green lush rice fields. “Are we here now”? I ask Morten, “No it’s 30 minutes more before Jatiluwih rice fields.” The rice fields is so green, the driver explains that the best month to come and visit is October, as next month the fields turn yellow. And today is a really good day with the weather he says. As we drive on I gaze out on the open endless fields with all it’s greenness. I’m in awe of how beautiful the Indonesian nature is, and can’t understand why I haven’t come here before. Bali is such a diverse island. Ubud is without doubt one of my favorites. The atmosphere is so relaxed. Ubud is the perfect place to get away from the crowds, do some yoga and meditation, get acquainted with the balinese traditional culture, munch on vegan food and enjoy the nature. That’s what we did yesterday, a day filled with adventure from climbing Mount Batur at 4.00 am to witness the sunrise, and visit a unesco heritage site, the Jatiluwih rice fields.

Jatiluwih is the biggest rice fields in Bali, and pictures can’t grasp how stunning this scenery is. We we’re pretty exhausted after very little sleep and trekking up and down 1770 meters. But we went on, and it’s the best day I’ve had here in Bali. Everywhere we looked there was green. Even though there is plenty of visitors, it’s impossible to feel crowded as this area is so humongous. The drive from Ubud city center is approximately 1,5 hours, with an entrance fee for 40,000 IDR. This is where you should bring your most flowy dress, fully charged camera and let your hair flow, because this picturesque scenery is not one you want to leave without. Me personally would love to have done that, but after trekking up a mountain at 4.00 am you’re not very keen on posing. You are more likely to sweat your ass off due to exhaustion and sleep deprivation. The Jatiluwih rice fields is beyond words, and you will love it regardless if you bring a flowy dress or not.

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