It’s 2.00 am and my alarm clock goes off. No please god, it can’t be 2.00 am already. I just fell asleep 5 minutes ago. Or at least it feels like 5 minutes ago. But I know I can’t just lay here, I need to get up. Our driver will be here in 25 minutes to take us sunrise trekking the Mount Batur, a volcano that takes about 1 and a half hour to drive, and 2 hours to the top. I’ve seen the pictures, and I just repeat the words “it’s going to be so amazing when you reach the top” like a mantra, over and over again to force myself out of the warmth of my duvet. 2.10 am the driver knocks outside our door. What? He’s 20 minutes early. I try to tell him to be quiet so he won’t wake the girl sleeping underneath my bunkbed, but he keeps at it. We put on our clothes in a rush, grab our stuff and head out the door. We’re on time like we were told, but when we get to the car we see two other people waiting, for us. They’ve been waiting for 20 minutes, even though we were told to be ready at 2.30 am. On the way we pick up another couple and then it’s straight to the meeting point for a quick breakfast with warm tea. It’s cold outside so the tea feels warm and good. There is a lot more people here then we would expect.

20 minutes and we’re on our way to the starting point of the trek. It’s even more cold here so I layer on with a jacket and a scarf. We’re all handed each a torch so we can see where we’re walking. It’s pitch dark and you can’t see more than half a meter in front of you. Of course I’m not wearing trekking shoes, or even sneakers for that matter. I only have Birkinstock sandals. At least these ones give support around my ankle, but still I would not recommend hiking in sandals. It’s sandals or no trekking, so I stick with trekking and suck it up. It’s not too bad in the beginning, but when we reached the last stretch of the top I could feel the struggle and the strain on my feet and ankles. I’m not going to lie, the trek was pretty hard. It’s been a while since last time, and last time I was wearing proper shoes. Poor Morten struggled a bit more, at one point neither of us was sure he would make it to the top. But he did, I did, and we all did. And what awaited us was a glorious view. Words can’t describe the extraordinary feeling of watching the sun rise with a view from 1770 meters above sea level. I can only imagine what the sunrise at Mount Everest must be like. Here’s what the gradual sunrise looked like. None of the photos are edited.


Oh and while I was doing the time lapse on my GoPro, one of the dogs living at the top managed to knock it down. Thank god the camera survived, but I can’t say the same for my timelapse. When I manage to catch up on some sleep I will upload the time-lapse.

The trek back down was quite amazing as well. It’s a lot of rubble and stones so be careful where you step so you don’t fall. The natural light at 7 am was amazing, so remember to fully charge that camera. The family running the hostel we’re staying at helped arrange this trip for us. We payed 350,000 IDR each and that’s included with breakfast. The breakfast is simple, and only to fill you up, so don’t expect anything fancy. Remember to bring a jacket and perhaps a scarf as it get’s quite cold at the top. Don’t underestimate the wind and the cold at this time of the morning. You wouldn’t want that perfect sunrise to be ruined by the sound of your shivering teeth. What a perfect start on a perfect day. But the day isn’t over quite yet, stay tuned for what we did the rest of today.


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