What a paradise!! I’ve been in Bali for a couple of days and it’s everything and more, than I imagined it to be. We’ve talked about it, and I fully and completely understand the hype for this Indonesian paradise. When we got here we were exhausted, after 15 hours of traveling I think you would be too. On Monday when we left Manila, our flights were at 10.10 pm, but our check out was at 2.00 pm. We had already been waiting several hours at a café trying to do some planning on Bali, before we arrived the airport where we had to wait some more. Our flight had a 6 hour layover in Singapore, and we really wanted to see the gardens of the bay. The pictures from nighttime looked amazing so instead of sleeping, and checking if the gardens were actually open, we decided to explore Singapore at 2.00 am. There we were happy and excited to get our passports stamped. A bit too eager for the tired immigration officers. Of course we didn’t get to see much of the garden as it closed at 3.00 am. We just missed it. So what did we do in Singapore? Sweat. That’s what we did. Walking around trying to find a taxi back to the airport, tierd and sleep deprived, and sweaty. It was so hot! And humid. Not the kind of night I imagined when I stepped out of the airport 30 minutes before. After walking around for 1 hour we found a taxi. Our plan was to stay in Jakarta for a day or two, to check out the rainbow village in Semarang, because the flights directly to Bali from Manila was so much more expensive. But there we were at 4.00 am tired, sweaty and exhausted. We just wanted to get to Bali and skip Jakarta, so after doing a little research we finally found cheap tickets for a flight leaving Jakarta 5 hours after we would land. After we booked the next flight, had a meal we walked to the gate, I slept on the floor. Yes, once again I slept on the floor. Backpacker life, am I right?

On the internet it said we should pluck in extra time as the airport was a chaotic place, and everything would take several hours. When we landed it went smoothly. Immigration, our luggage, everything. There was a flight leaving in 2 hours, we walked to Lion air counter and changed our flights. Somewhere between the lack of sleep and the shuttle bus to the next terminal, Morten somehow lost his passport. That’s what he thought at least. As we stood in line, with 20 minutes before check-in closed, Morten panics because he’s lost his passport. He just dropped everything and took a taxi back to the terminal 3, we were gonna miss our flights, and I was too tired to be as panicky as him. There I sat watching everyone checking in, thinking fuck this is gonna cost us so much money. 3 minutes before the gate closed, Morten comes running back screaming to get for me to get back in line. He found his passport. It had fallen underneath everything, way down in the bottom. So basically he gave himself a heart attack and paid 100,000 IDR to look for his passport in his backpack… My 3 weeks traveling with Morten has been more eventful than my 5 months of solo travel. I haven’t hurt myself one single time, besides bed bugs, and after 3 weeks with this guy, I managed to scratch myself on corals under my foot and electrocute myself on an outlet socket. And that’s just me, don’t even get me started on Morten. We have no bandaid left because he keeps hurting himself.  I can’t wait for what awaits me the next 4 months. Wish us goodluck, oh an stay tuned because there will be plenty of Bali posts the next couple of days.

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone, love Chris.

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