Yet another beautiful paradise, Bantayan and it’s surrounding islands. Bantayan is well under the radar for most tourists, as this filipino paradise is mostly known among locals. Well I am here to help put this paradise on the map. Like most islands here, there will always be at least 10 more tiny islands surrounding the main one. After a couple of days of indulging icecream, drinking San migs and playing cards, we felt the restlessness creep on. The surrounding islands in Bantayan is even more stunning than the beaches on mainland. We chose Virgin Island and Paradise beach.

Island hopping is so easy, and cheap. I’ll tell you how you too can have a little piece of this paradise in your memories.

Other islands like El Nido and Boracay, it’s easy to book a tour with one of the many tour operators on the island. In Bantayan this is more scarcely. We found it best to just ask the people working at the hotel if they knew someone. Our hotel helped us book pretty much all of our transportation needs. We payed 1500 pesos for a private boat, just me and Morten. In Bantayan all the boats are private tours, which is quite nice especially when coming from El Nido where 30 people were cramped into one boat. We could choose how many hours, how long we wanted to stay on each island and how many island we wanted to see.

First stop – Virgin Island. Situated on the far right side of Santa Fe. It takes about 45 minutes with boat. There is an environmental fee for 500 pesos for 2 people. The route is scenic but very loud cause of the engines of the boat. If you’re like me, I enjoy listening to music while driving around to get the feel of the atmosphere. Virign Island is incredibly beautiful with white powdery sand. But personally for me it was a bit too developed. I prefer when the smaller islands is untouched by civilization. Here we camped out for 2 hours. Morten playing with his drone and me catching up on my reading.


Second stop – Paradise beach. This beach is on the opposite side of Virign Island. It’s closer to mainland, and only takes 10 minutes with boat. But the view is more scenic as the water is more shallow. The water is crystal clear which makes it a perfect photo op. Now this beach was amazing. Secluded with only another couple besides us, and the people collecting the environmental fee for 50 pesos for 2. What needs to be said is that there isn’t much to see while snorkeling. There is very little fish, no corals. Mostly algae where a couple of fish live. These island tours is more for the pleasure of just trying something different, than actually snorkeling. Check out my video of these two amazing beaches by clicking here.



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