I could not have timed my visit to Penang any better. It was a spontaneous trip where not only I got a fever the night before my two connecting flights from Semporna and Kuala Lumpur, but I had managed to forget to book luggage when I booked my flights, and this cost me almost 60 dollars. Yikes. I arrived the hotel tierd and grumpy, in one of those moods where you think what the hell am I doing with my life. My start in Penang wasn’t the best one. But after a good nights sleep and a full days rest I was ready and eager to explore what this was all about. While I was in Penang, a couple I met during my Mabul dive stay was here at the same time. They were the ones who told me about this food festival. I had no idea!

The whole area was closed off, and there were people everywhere. A bit confusing when we first got there, but our first stop was at the fun fair. Here there was a carousel, a cotton candy machine, a clown giving out balloons to children and a dance show. Everything was a 60s theme, a proper fun fair! And the food was incredible. There was even several vegan food stalls. Let’s just say I was in heaven! If you ever come to Penang, please do try to time it with the festival and over the weekend to catch the Sunday pop up market in His bus depot. Read about the Sunday pop-up market here. fullsizeoutput_3d5fullsizeoutput_3bdfullsizeoutput_3c5fullsizeoutput_3c1fullsizeoutput_3c7fullsizeoutput_3cafullsizeoutput_3d0fullsizeoutput_3d1P1070569.jpgfullsizeoutput_3d2fullsizeoutput_3d3P1070589

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