A world heritage site, Georgetown is one of those places that truly stands out. This city is eye candy for the art lover, so please make sure to take your time exploring so you don’t miss out on all the cool street art pieces. For an easier overview over the city, I made a map over the spots where you shouldn’t miss out.

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Depending on what area your staying in, but it’s all a short walk from each other. But take your time, stop by all the cozy cafés and make a day out of it. My hotel was right next to candy land, so I followed the route from there to Hin Bus Depot, to Penang street art, little India and walked back through the buffer zone.

  1. Candy land
  2. Hin Bus Depot
  3. Penang street art
  4. Little India

Candy land is where you come to get that sweet tooth fixed. The whole area is like a dream come true for any child. Heck even me as a grown woman felt her inner child squeal from all the goodness. On Sundays there is a cotton candy machine outside the store giving out sweets for children, with a lifesized minion ready to greet those who enter. Candyland has sweets for every preference. So make sure to stop by and pick your sweet or just to pose by all the cool human sized candy displays.


Hin bus depot is the cool artsy backyard where people gather to have a good time, and enjoy a glass of freshly squeezed apple juice. Sunday is the place to be here in Penang. Every week there is a Sunday pop-up market where local artists showcase their work. You can check out my post from the pop-market here. There is food trucks, live music, art, little stalls with second hand items and activities for children. Make sure not to miss out on this amazing backyard community.



Little India is a bustling little neighborhood where you can come and get your dose of colorful living. This bustling area is filled with women wearing beautiful saris, people stocking up on spices, and street vendors selling freshly squeezed juice of your choosing. Come here to get a sense of what India is all about.


Penang street art was my absolute favorite area in Georgetown. There is street art on every single corner and the hunt is apart of the allure. The hype is real, and after coming here I can understand why. The streets are lit up with colorful lanterns, musicians playing their guitar and serenading your ears with sweet sweet music. Put on your funny face, and start posing away with the many art installations you will find spread across this entire city.


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