Hello fine folks, we’re at the airport in Cebu, where we’ve been since 10.30 am this morning. It’s now 4.22 pm and our flight is delayed until 5.30 pm, we hope. They keep changing the flight time. Good thing we decided to travel back to Manila two days before our flight to Jakarta. Our flight to Jakarta is scheduled on Monday for 10.10 pm. Morten wanted to fly out the same day as our Jakarta flight, but I insisted we travel before in case our flight would be delayed. Even though it’s in two different days, you never know. When it comes to flights, better safe than sorry. What to do when your flight is delayed several hours? You can watch some Netflix, read a book, update your blog like I’m doing now, or you can get electrocuted by an outlet socket. Yep that happened. When we got the first announcement that our flights was going to be delayed to 3.20 pm, we knew we would have to charge our phones. Nothing eats away your battery life like boredom at the airport. We have one power bank, but we forgot to charge it last night. I looked around and found one outlet. I probably shouldn’t have touched it as the socket and all the cables was open. But someone else was also charging their phone too, so I didn’t give it an extra thought. The charger wouldn’t connect with the outlet, as I was trying with both hands all of a sudden this painful sensation went through my body. I screamed in pain and the charger just flew out of my hand. I don’t know if it was my body’s reaction to just let go or the shock made me do it. Everyone started to stare at me and Morten came running over asking if I was ok. Too in shock to realize that I had been electrocuted by the outlet. Hands shaking and my heart beating like crazy. And of course I started laughing nervously like I always do when something painful happens. This is the first time this has ever happened, and it was such a strange sensation. It’s like a numbing tingling sensation all over your body and you sit there confused, like did this really happen? Almost like when you’ve had too much caffeine and you get the shakes. My left hand is still shaking, and it feels like my fingers have been lifting weights and are too sore to do anything. I should probably get checked out by a doctor, but for now I think I’m fine. Let’s just cross our fingers that nothing else happens. I mean one bad thing should be enough for today right? Wish us good luck!

IMG_8897.jpg(By now you all know how awkward I get when my picture is taken in public, even though I’m the one asking for it)IMG_8898.jpgIMG_8899

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