When you travel to Palawan and places like El Nido, surely you have some expectations with a certain image in your mind of how it’s supposed to look like. Our first night in Puerto Princesa you could say we were a tiny tad disappointed when we couldn’t see any beaches. Especially when a friend said the day before “It’s all beach wherever you look”. They say you shouldn’t have any expectations to avoid disappointment, but when thousands of imagines and video clips on social media portrays Palawan as heaven on earth with clear lagoons and white beaches, it’s hard not to have some. We walked around to check out what Purto Princesa was all about, but the traffic was hectic, cars everywhere and lots of dust making it hard to breathe. Being a vegetarian and all I have had difficulties eating here in the Philippines. Their diet is mostly meat based with very little fruit and vegetables, I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s difficult. We saw they had just opened a new SM mall in PP, so where better to find vegetarian friendly food than in a mall. I was wrong. After one hour of walking up and down, back and forth, I gave up and went into the supermarket and stacked up with fruits, bread and peanutbutter. If you ask me what is my nr 1 thing I never travel without, “Peanutbutter”. It’s delicious and it fills you up. My friend is always making fun of me because I eat peanutbutter with everything. But when your dietary needs is hard to come by, you can always go for peanutbutter with bread topped with sliced bananas. Yummy!

We booked a different hotel when we came back from El Nido. It was further away from downtown but it was more quiet. More what we expected the city to look like. It seemed we were staying in an area where the locals live. Which in my opinion is the best way to experience a new city. Here me and Morten also bought matching t-shirts, which I will show very soon so stay tuned. We have a plan on wearing the t-shirts on every international flight. Ain’t nothing quite like traveling with your bestfriend, especially if that best friend is a guy.


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