Today started out as one of those days where absolutely everything was perfect. The weather, the scenery, the company and the atmosphere. A perfect pristine white beach all to our selves with turqouise clear water. Except for the pearl sellers strolling up and down the beach in hopes of finding someone who is willing to buy, it’s just me and Morten. We reminiscence about our past struggles, and how fortunate we are to be in this situation where can travel the world, even if it meant selling all our belongings for this grand adventure. “Cheers to that” we say and smile as we look upon the stunning view in front of us. After a couple of beers, icecream and a dozen of new photos for our Instagram, we decide to drive around town to check out what’s on the outside of this beautiful resort. As we get the key to the scooter I hear a familiar wail of pain. The exact same scream my dog makes when she is in pain, or has hurt herself. We can’t see where it’s coming from. I try to shake it off, this is just the way it is here in Asia. People don’t love their dogs the same way as us westerners. “Stop!” I yell at Morten as I see the source of screams. It’s a dog lying on the side of the road, screaming in pain. Barking, frightened and unable to stand up. I can’t see any wounds, and know not to touch it as it might bite. I slowly approach it while the locals tell me to stay away. They just stare at the dog. What the hell is wrong with these people is all I can think. Frantically I try to find a veterinary or animal hospital to call, but there is none. There is no one to call, there is no one who will help. I feel helpless as I can’t do anything to ease the dogs pain. There is feces on the ground. The dog just keeps cramping in pain, wailing, unable to stand up. Desperation in his eyes meets mine. Finally someone agrees to drive into town to alert whoever is in charge of animals wellbeing on this island. I sit down next to the dog as there isn’t much more I can do. He will not leave this world alone. More passerby’s come and then someone who knows his owner goes to alert him. Not merely 30 minutes ago this dog was sleeping on the sun beds next to us, and now it’s lying in the side of the street, whimpering, wailing in excruciating pain. One last cramp, and I can see the life leave this beautiful dog. Turns out the dog ate rat poison. I start to cry and curse upon all these people for not giving a damn about those who cannot fend for themselves. At least he is no longer in pain is all I can manage to say. His owner finally comes with a plastic sheet, wraps up the dog and carries the dog away.  I go back to our room and sit in the bathroom unable to stop crying. Thinking about what if this was my Bella? It’s a painful reminder of how fragile life can be. This is the first time I’ve seen a living creature die. The picture of this pup will forever be imprinted in my mind. Asia is amazing and wonderful but it also breaks your heart in ways you can’t imagine. Seeing the lack of animal welfare is hard to swallow, especially if you have a soft spot for animals, the way I do. I can’t help but take it personally. and it’s even harder not to become hateful towards the locals. But hate will not solve anything and hate will not change the way they view animals. All we can do is watch and learn, gain knowledge and try to set a good example for others. And maybe, just maybe those actions will catch on and there will be change. But for now let’s take a moment and say a prayer for the forgotten ones. The stray dogs and the cats roaming the streets in search for their forever home.fullsizeoutput_17a

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