Where do I even begin to describe Georgetown? First of all I consider myself well traveled for my age group. There are few places I have been that left such a strong impression on me like Malaysia. The country is absolutely beautiful, underrated and under the radar. If you haven’t been, then make sure to book your next holiday to this magnificent asian country. When to go? Try to time it with their national holiday, Merdeka. The country comes alive with all it’s inhabitants coming out to celebrate, and they will gladly invite you to celebrate with them. I came to Georgetown just in time for the 64th annual food festival, with the Sunday pop up market falling at the same time. 3 major events all in one weekend. I could not have timed it any better, and that without doing research about where I was going. Now you’ve heard me brag on and on about Malaysia. I’ve shared about Kuala Lumpur, about the amazing dive sites, and now it’s time to put the spotlight on Penang. What can you do and see here in Penang? As I explained, try to time it with the annual Merdeka festival. This way you get the most bang for your buck. Penang is the street food capital of Malaysia, some say even of the world. You are guaranteed a good meal, and yes they cater to vegetarians and vegans. I ate like a queen the whole time. Heck I even went to a vegan restaurant and threw a feast all by myself. If you have me on snapchat you what I’m talking about. It’s so cheap here that a feast is do-able for anyone looking to fill out those booty shorts. When you’ve eaten, eaten and then eaten some more, then taking a walk around town is a good idea to get rid off those yummy calories. Strap on your walking shoes, because Georgetown is a living art museum. I have never been to a place where street art is so prominent, celebrated, and actually become a business for tour operators. Georgetown my friends, is a very cool city, it’s a world heritage site for good reasons. I spent 5 days treasure hunting for different art pieces, every single one unique in it’s own way. Photographing so much that by the end of each day, my battery was almost dead. There is too many pictures for me to share in one post, I will divide it up into different ones. Nothing less for the best, right? Oh and I’m sure I don’t even need to say how friendly everyone is. I’m a solo female traveller, with a lot of visible tattoos, not your ordinary chick. Some people frown upon tattoos, most often conservative people. Even Thai people aren’t the biggest fans of tattoos. My mom keeps telling me to stop because it’s not very lady like. And here I come to a muslim country, where almost every single person I talked to, absolutely loved them and complimented my body art. For some this might not seem like a big deal, but for me it actually means a lot. This just goes out to prove that you will find some of the most friendliest people on earth, right here in Malaysia. And just to put a lid on it, I do think it’s important in these times where discrimination and racism is so prominent, and out in the open, to point out that muslims are just like you and me. To point out the good side you don’t hear about in the media. I find their culture and religion beautiful, if you knew the true meaning of Islam, you would see that it’s peaceful and full of love. Malaysia is proof that people of different cultures and religions can co-exist, as they do and have done for years. Maybe we can learn a thing or two.fullsizeoutput_3097fullsizeoutput_3098fullsizeoutput_309bfullsizeoutput_309cfullsizeoutput_309dfullsizeoutput_309efullsizeoutput_309ffullsizeoutput_30a0fullsizeoutput_30a2fullsizeoutput_30a3fullsizeoutput_30a4fullsizeoutput_30abfullsizeoutput_30acfullsizeoutput_30bdfullsizeoutput_30befullsizeoutput_30bffullsizeoutput_30c0fullsizeoutput_30c1fullsizeoutput_30c2fullsizeoutput_30c3


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