Stunning by day, stunning by night. This bustling city is breathtaking 24/7, with tall skyscraper soaring in the sky. By night the buildings light up with bright twinkling lights leaving you mesmerised. Make sure to bring your walking shoes when coming here, because those 10,000 steps recommended every day will quickly double in Kuala Lumpur. Together with my new friend Wei, we started our stroll around 6pm, just in time to catch that beautiful sunset light. Wei promised to help me find street art, and he sure did deliver. To see the street art, check out my blogpost about the colourful streets of KL. We continued our stroll to chinatown. I’ve never been in a china town before so that was quite interesting. I’m not gonna lie, the two first days in KL I didn’t really try any street food. I just bought food from the super market in the lobby area. Partly because I was craving western food, and partly because I was lazy. I’m a terrible cook, and after I left the comforts of home and lived by myself, I often ended up eating sandwiches, yoghurts and noodles because I couldn’t be bothered to cook. That habit still hangs on I guess, nothing wrong with that, we can’t all be Gordon Ramsey. Wei took me to a great place where they had delicious Chinese dishes. We cracked open a couple of beers, enjoyed our food, had a great conversation about past travels and places on our bucket list, while people watching. People watching has become one of my new hobbies, it’s so interesting to see how other people live.


As I said bring your walking shoes, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the hidden sights because you were too lazy to walk the distance. We walked back to the hotel instead of taking a taxi. It’s so easy to navigate in this city, I used the Petrona towers as reference to where I was going. I’ve wanted to get a shot of the towers during night, capture those mesmerising lights. Wei kept asking me why I don’t just google whatever and take the picture of the internet. You see he prefers to capture moments you can’t find anywhere else. Fair enough, but me, I would rather take that picture myself, see it one time myself than hear about a thousand times from everyone else. Plus how else do you improve your photography skills if you always use every one else’s picture? Before we went up the room we took the elevator all the way to the top to check out the 360 degree view of the city. If you happen to stay in a skyscraper hotel, do take advantage of the view. If you don’t have the view where you are staying, go for a drink in one of the tall buildings. The view at night is a must see. I truly loved Kuala Lumpur, day and night. I’m sure you will too. And it doesn’t hurt that I have not met one person who haven’t been nice. Everyone is so friendly, that asian friendliness is just as prominent here like in Thailand. Malaysia is quickly climbing up my top 5 countries list.



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