fullsizeoutput_2f68There is more to KL than just shopping and skyscrapers, if you take the time to get lost, go beyond the tall buildings, there is a world of street art hidden in nooks and corners all around the city. After finding out that gadgets and techs is cheaper in KL than back home, almost half price cheaper, I headed over to Low Yat plaza to buy extra gear for the drone me and my friend bought together. Low Yat plaza is a shopping mall located 5 minutes from Pavilion, filled up with all the tech you can imagine. Nerds and techies, eat your heart out. I took a Grab back to the hotel to drop off stuff, as we drove by my eyes caught glimpse of amazing colours. Streetart! Oh how I love street art. It tells so much about todays younger generation, and the people living in the city. Like a gateway beyond the fancy buildings and luxury shopping. I had no idea where to go to find it, but by the time I got back to the room, I had a new bunk mate. Wei from China, who happened to be a photographer. Wei is an amazing street photographer, and he loves shooting pictures of people. He invited me to join him down to chinatown, and promised to help me find the street art I was looking for. It’s quite interesting to see how professionals work, so if you ever meet up with one who is willing to stroll around with you, soak in all the tips and tricks they have to offer. Because I can promise you that your photography skills will improve immensely. I would love to snap shots of people, but I feel like I’m imposing on their privacy. So for now I’ll stick with my objects and the occasional person photo.


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