I wasn’t sure I was actually going to go through with my travel plans to Laos, because I was stuck in an island mindset, all I could think about was when my next dive were. Also I felt it would be same same but different, like Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam. There are many similarities, like the language. I can speak Thai with everyone and they understand me, so no language barrier. But boy do I feel like this country is very different. Now I’ve only been here a couple of hours, but the little I saw, maaan it’s beautiful. The atmosphere is so chill. From what I’ve heard Vang Vieng is everyone’s favourite city, we’ll see about that tomorrow. I had high expectations for Vietnam but was disappointed, or didn’t see the allure like everyone else. For many different reasons, like rudeness of most people I encountered, the lack of will to help accommodate my vegetarian diet. I’ll tell more about that when I get to writing about the last part of my Vietnam trip. Anyways, back to Laos. I’ll just keep an open mind about this country, without any expectations. Kinda hard to have any when I booked my tickets 24 hours ago, without doing any research. Whatever happens, happens.

Vientiane, I like you. You are beautiful, and here is a handful of photos I snapped while strolling around, trying to cover as much ground as possible before the sun set. There was a strong french atmosphere going on in this city, I like it. Enjoy!


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