“Found the truth beneath your lies, and true love never has to hide” my phone starts ringing, my alarm is that Beyoncé song I can never listen to anymore. I check the time, the screen lights up 3:35am. Already? Didn’t I just fall asleep? It’s too damn early, or should I say late? I really want to shut the alarm off and go back to sleep, but I have a bus to catch in 2 hours. Logic wins over lazy this time, and down the stairs I go to brush my teeth, strap up my backpack and get ready for my next adventure – Koh Tao.

When you’re trying to catch a taxi 4.30 in the morning, it’s not always that easy when in less touristy areas, like where my grandparents live. After running back and forth between both sides of the road trying to hail a taxi, a man from the other side helps me, by watching the left side for me while I look out to the right. Finally we spot one taxi with the red sign which means available, and off I go. Thankfully it’s not one of those chatty taxi drivers, because it’s too early for conversations. When I arrive the Lomprayah office there is already a long line stretching all the way to the sidewalk. I get my ticket, and my pink sticker for Koh Tao Island. The bus leaves at 6:00 am, it’s a 6 hour bus drive to Chumpon before getting on the speed ferry to Koh Tao. The bus ride was surprisingly comfy, even though my stomach was growling the whole time. Normally the bus will stop  at least once, on one of those gas stations, but not today. No sir. We finally arrived in Chumpon at 12:00 am, I quickly run to the bathroom, and stop by the minimart to buy a bag of chips before the boat leaves. I feel like an animal devouring the whole bag within minutes. To be fair, the bag was tiny. One thing I hate about taking the boat, is my body’s lack of handling motion. I get easily motion sickness, especially on an empty stomach. Of course today the waves were extra frisky, which left me sitting outside on the platform, the furthest in the back on a staircase, ready to vomit any minute. And the fact that I had no food in my stomach made it impossible to relieve my suffering. On and off with my hands covering my eyes I fell asleep, while passersby climbed up and down the stairs giving me the pity look. When we finally reached shore I was so relieved! I got picked up by a taxi sent by the diving hotel I’m staying with, Big blue diving resort. The island looks beautiful but I feel like I’m in some foreign country with only backpackers and tourists.


So for those wondering what I’m doing here in Koh Tao, I am here to get my divers certificate! Doing the open water and advanced course. First lesson was getting registered, watching a couple of videos and getting acquainted with our scuba instructor, Scotty. Tomorrow we will have our first lesson in the water, in the pool to be exact, and I’m so excited! We even have homework, so I better get started. Have a beautiful weekend everyone! And wish me good luck.

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