Today is my 25th birthday. 25 years on this earth, and for the first birthday in my life I decided to do absolutely nothing. I’ve always celebrated my birthday the way most people do, involving a lot of alcohol and dancing the night away with a bunch of friends. Every year I’ve always gone over the top with celebrating. Last year I spent my birthday in the Maldives doing a private dinner on the beach. It was amazing, but expensive as hell, but that’s what I wanted (I know, such a princess). I could’ve done something similar this year, celebrate it with some travelers I’d met, go to a bar by the end of the night in true backpacker spirit, nothing wrong with that. But I wanted to do something different and more personal, like spend the day with my grandparents, which I haven’t done since my 12th birthday. Yesterday I dragged my butt out of the house to go exchange money for my mom, and went to Central Plaza to buy some cake. And to add a little birthday gift from me to me, I went for a little shopping spree. My grandmother has diabetes and she can’t eat much sweets, therefore I bought her and grandfather each a sponge cheese type of cake I knew they would love, and picked out a matcha cake for myself. This morning I woke up to a big bowl of fruit my grandmother bought for me from the morning market, and she had prepared my favourite Thai dish for dinner. Can a girl ask for more? Before having a big bowl of sticky rice for breakfast, I headed over to 7 eleven to refill my sim card so I could download last nights episode of game of thrones. Yes, I spent the morning eating sticky rice with mango and watching game of thrones, which was awesome. I mean, I’m not gonna spoil anything, but that ending? Oh happy birthday to me! I also bought my grandfather some lottery tickets, that made him so happy. Happier than I have seen in a long time. We didn’t win anything, but we enjoyed cake together. And family time trumps everything, well for me it does because I grew up on a different continent from my grandparents. Here are some pictures of my day, nothing fancy. Just some pictures of food, because, food is life.


They say one year older one year wiser, I don’t know about that but I do know that I am happier than I have been in a very long time. I’ve not only made one of my biggest dreams come true, but I’m living it every single day. Traveling the world while crossing off one thing at a time from my bucket list. A little change of plans, Laos will have to wait, because I’m going to Koh Tao on Friday, to get my divers certificate! I’m so excited!! I will do the diving course at Big blue dive, doing the open water and advanced course which will take place over 6 days. Oh and for those wondering, my bed bug bites are almost gone. It’s still bit itchy and I look slightly less diseased so that’s good news. Now this birthday girl is hitting the sack early, I need to get to a medical office tomorrow to get cleared for scuba diving because I suffer from motion sickness, and a slight fear of open spaces, like underwater (shark even though I’ve dived with them before). Let’s just hope I don’t panic when I’m 30 meters down. But hey, that’s why we need to get certified to scuba dive, right? Good night everyone!


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