Whenever in Vietnam there are some places that you should not miss. Hoi an is one of them, this UNESCO World heritage site is incredibly well preserved. The old city is absolutely charming, with it’s architecture and colourful lanterns above your head. Every little nook and corner is a perfect photo op. Hoi an feels very much like stepping back in time to the 1700th century trading port. If you’ve had enough of temple gazing and doing day tours, then this is exactly what you need. It’s different from anything I’ve ever seen, and I understand why everyone stops in this little ancient town. What is there to do? Well the obvious is to stroll around and take it all in. But Hoi an is great for getting some tailored clothing made. Here you will find some of the finest tailors, not only good quality but they work incredibly fast. Almost everyone coming here get’s at least one item custom fitted. Other fun things to do, enjoy some coffee in one of the adorable cafés, go for a boat ride or paint a paper mask. One day wasn’t nearly enough time, but because I only have 15 days here in Vietnam, and I was too late to extend my stay at the hotel. I will absolutely come back to get some tailored clothes, some time before the end of my trip. I’ve always wanted a pair of jeans that will fit perfectly without being too tight over the hips or too loose around the waist.

My hotel the corner riverside villa, was located 700meters from the Japanese bridge. There isn’t any hotels in the old town, so the closest you will find is around a 5 minute walk to town. You can either choose to walk or ride a bicycle. I chose to walk, I’m trying to walk 10 000 steps everyday and then I can listen to more music. Which is my favourite thing to do while I gaze upon things. Before entering the old town, you need to buy an entrance ticket that costs 120 000 VD. You can visit 5 places within the ancient town. I entered only one temple, which you can see in the pictures below, and the rest of the day I walked around and took pictures, painted a mask and got to know two Aussie brothers traveling Vietnam for 2 weeks.

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When I couldn’t extend my stay, because it was raining really hard I just booked a ticket to go to Hue. Which is where I am now. On the bus I met a girl, Isabella, who I will be traveling with to Hanoi tomorrow. That is the great thing about traveling, you meet all these cool people, and introductions don’t really happen until after you’ve been talking to this person for 6 hours, realising you don’t know their name. So Isabella’s dad sent her a picture of a news article saying that the tropical storm Sonca is gonna hit central Vietnam, which is where I am right now. I did check up on that, and it’s not that bad. Sonca is something in between a tropical depression and tropical storm according to wunderground.com. Anyways, tomorrow we are taking the night bus to Hanoi, together with a friend of hers, Joseph. Hopefully the weather will be better further up! Tonight I’m just gonna relax under the covers and watch Stranger things which I started watching today. I’m very intrigued. Have a beautiful night everyone.

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