When I first got to Vietnam I was sure I would hate it after the day I’d had, but I needed to give it a second shot. Therefore I decided to stay in HCM for 3 days. Not a surprise that this country is growing on me, from all the great stuff my fellow travellers have told me. HCM might not be my fav city, it’s too chaotic with crazy traffic that makes you feel like you are going to die every time you step out on the streets. Here they don’t just drive like crazy people, but they also drive on the sidewalks. Just be sure to keep your eyes up at all times so you don’t get run over by a scooter.

While having breakfast, I planned my day walk to see all the typical must-see-tourist-stuff. Midway through my breakfast, I remembered that I  forgot to charge my camera and gopro, and had to go back to my little capsule room to recharge. God forbid if I don’t document everything I do right. What happened to the good old days when you would leave your phone in the hotel room safe? I miss those days, and yes it’s all my own fault that I have this need to document everything I do. I have thought about it, to go completely off the grid for a year, quit this blog, get rid of my cameras and smartphone, just live out my adventure with only a diary as proof of my traveling days. But I’m far too fond of the visual memories, and one day when I’m old and someone’s grandma, I can proudly show my grandchildren pictures and videos off my traveling days as a 20-something-year-old, living out my best days on some beach in Fiji, to inspire them to go off on their own adventure when they’re old enough.

Here are some photos from a days stroll through Saigon. I followed the map that came with my lonely planet book, which covered almost all the places I wanted to see. First stop was Ben Tanh market.


Benh Tanh market is much like any other market here in Asia, but with Vietnamese merchandise. Since I started traveling I don’t really have the need to go shopping anymore, less is truly more as more becomes too heavy to carry. The only thing I bought was a Vietnamese hat, the one you can see so many old ladies and street vendors wearing. It’s perfect for shade against the sun, and I honestly thinks it looks really cool. I paid 60 000 VD for mine, which is 21 kroner. Not bad for a badass hat!

IMG_5951P1050399Next stop was the fine arts museum. I love stopping by museums wherever I go, you get a much better understanding of the country’s history, and a better grasping of the culture of the people. When I look at art I become so inspired to start painting again, or draw something. It’s like my own personal muse. The museum buildings are worth a picture itself with this gorgeous architecture. It felt like a different time era.


After the museum I walked a little more, to the people’s committee building, saw the municipal theatre, Caravelle hotel, central post office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central mosque and a couple of other places I didn’t photograph. One thing is for sure, Ho Chi Minh is truly a beautiful city. I never expected Vietnam to be so well developed, and beautiful. And the food, oh mah gaad the food here is amazing. I should write a whole blog post about the delicious food, because you will have a foodgazm almost everytime you eat. I’m very glad I gave this city a second chance, I am not disappointed!


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