19 hours later and I finally made it to Vietnam. Man I am so tired, I boarded the bus thinking that it was a one way ride. The bus looked great, it was a sleeper bed, and that meant me having a bed all to myself. It was surprisingly comfortable, maybe I could travel this way all the time? It would save me one nights accommodation right? Yeah turns out my beauty sleep didn’t last very long. Around 1 am the bus stopped in Phnom Penh, everyone going to Ho Chi Minh had to get off. I thought this meant we had to change buses you know. 5 girls and 5 guys, we all stood waiting a bit confused as the bus drove off without us. Wait what? Oh no, I had read about this. People having to sleep in the ticket office, and with my luck this is what was happening. 10 minutes later a tuktuk came to pick us up to drive us to the ticket office. Guess where I slept last night? Yep, on the floor. With cockroaches running around me, with the doors wide open. At first I crashed in the chair but it was impossible to get any sleep, so I just sucked it up and went to sleep, on the floor. Sleep didn’t last very long, at 3.30 am another bus dropped off a whole bunch of Chinese tourists outside. They were so loud, with no regard of all the people trying to sleep. It was like a backyard party with music and everything. I don’t know how many of them you’ve ever met, but if you have you know exactly what I mean. I know Norwegians and every other country have their bad side, it’s just some take it to the extreme. I tried to ask them to quiet down, but they just stared at me, and one person tried to shoo me away like I was the one being crazy. You can’t judge a whole country based on some few, but I’m sure I’m not the only one getting frustrated. 20187021_1713333422027473_844048365_oThis was the sleeper bus we got kicked off of

20180403_1713336235360525_1866566866_o(As you can see I was pretty fed up, and tired after not having much sleep)

Eventually they got picked up by another bus, thus I managed to get 30 minutes of more sleep before our bus came to take us to Ho Chi Minh. When we got on the bus, a guy took our passports, this should be interesting. The bus ride was another 7 hours with border control. Somewhere between me sleeping on and off, there was a guy sitting across the other side who kept starring at me, so I stared back. Suddenly he gave me the look like I was tripping. Could this day get anymore weird? The border control went mostly smooth. The bus guy told us to get off, we walked 10 meters, and got back on. 10 minutes later we’re told to get off again, but this time immigration needs to scan all our bags. The moment we got our passports back, stamped and everything were such a relief! You never know if you all of a sudden get denied access. But it was all good! Another couple of hours and we arrived in Ho Chi Minh. I was so used to being surrounded by a bunch of tuktuk drivers getting off, but today there were none. No taxi drivers, no motorcycle drivers, no tuktuk drivers. No one. Huh? We all stood and just scratched our heads, trying to plot our next move. A short walk to the street, 10 minutes wait and we managed to get some taxis. Me and 4 british girls I met on the bus were gonna stay at the same hostel, Phoenix Hostel Saigon. It had a 9 star rating on hostel world. The 4 girls got in one taxi, and I got in one by myself. But my taxi driver didn’t speak one word english, and dropped me off at the wrong location. 5 minutes back and forth of discussing in hand movements, he insisted I was in the right place, and threw out my backpack so there I was. I had no idea were I was going, my phone had no more battery so I had no way of checking google maps. After the 19 hour journey I was so exhausted, and my backpack felt heavier than ever. I walked around for an hour, every hotel I asked charged 26 dollars a night. 26 dollars is just too expensive when you are living on a budget. Finally I sat down on some steps outside a hotel, exhausted, frustrated and I wanted to cry. I cursed this day, my bad luck and this country’s lack of english speaking people. After a good 5 minutes of feeling sorry for myself, enough was enough. Time to find somewhere, anywhere to sleep. I had rounded the whole block without any luck, and so I decided straight forward must be a good way. A lot of westerners were walking from that direction. A guy had seen me walking back and forth a couple of time, we made eye contact, “this is a really cool hostel, it has capsule beds, and it’s cheap” he said. SOLD! I walked in and asked for the price, 8 dollars for a capsule in a dorm. “I’ll take it”. The hotel I’m staying at is called Kaiteki hotel. It’s clean, you get slippers, a towel, privacy in your little capsule and a duvet. You can charge your phone, lock up your valuables, and do your makeup in peace.

20187365_1713333288694153_1493731778_o20187353_1713333275360821_1993327005_o20187179_1713333138694168_865997313_o20196305_1713333185360830_1044642747_o20187209_1713333335360815_1031076770_o.jpgI’m sorry the photos are in such a crap quality, I took them with my iPhone and the lighting is pretty bad. Whatever, you get the point. 

I grabbed a quick shower, and gave all my clothes except the one outfit I’m wearing, for laundry. All my clothes are dirty, after my Island stay there weren’t anywhere to wash as the rain were coming down hard every day. I’ve gone 4 days commando without underwear, it’s time to start putting some on. Yeah, sometimes traveling will make you want to rip out your hair in frustration and start crying. Just take a 5 minute break, breathe and calm down, then start working that brain of yours. There is always the same amount of good luck as bad luck in this world. Hadn’t the taxi dropped me off in the wrong area, I wouldn’t get to sleep in a capsule. And right around the corner, I had the best comfort meal I’ve had in a long time. Waffles with peanut butter, bananas, matcha icecream, and mint chocolate milk tea with some type of brown jelly thing all asians go crazy for. Maybe Vietnam isn’t that bad, I just need to give her a second chance.

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