You better hang on because this is going to be a bumpy ride! Well it was a bumpy one but not that bad. The bamboo train is just one of those experiences you’ve got to try before it’s too late. We started Sunday morning 8 o’clock to beat the heat, and the crowd. Before we drove to the bamboo train station, my tuktuk driver showed me the old railroad station as you can see in the pictures below. After the civil war broke out, the railroad fell victim to the damage caused by the Khmer Rouge. In 1980 some services were resumed, but after decades of neglect, this train station stopped completely in 2009. Now it stands there to show what used to be of this magnificent city.


On the way the driver explained that the name Battambang, comes from the legend about Preah Bat Dambang Kranhoung, who was said that his stick protected the city from it’s enemies. One day he lost his magical stick, that’s how this city got it’s name. Battambang literally means loss of stick. A 5 minute drive further away and we reached the bamboo train station, and so the fun began! I had so much fun just shooting down the railroad on this rather uncertain looking bamboo raft on wheels. I payed 10 dollar, and had the whole raft to myself, except for the way back when I shared it with this cute elderly Cambodian woman. LI put together a little clip below so you can see how I enjoyed this scenic trip.


PS: Don’t forget to put it on full HD if it don’t automatically do so! 🙂

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