Old and rusty but oh so many cute little nooks and corners. With my backpack, and music in my ears I walked around town a couple of hours, to experience the scenery myself. Where I’m staying it’s not very beautiful to say the least, but after a 5 minute walk the famous building pops up everywhere. I understand why this city is so popular amongst expats and travellers. You can’t really type in this area in the GPS, so what I did was google the Governors house, and all these beautiful buildings were on the way. I ended up drinking a mango coconut smoothie at this gorgeous café called Jaan Bai. Jaan Bai café had beautiful paintings on the outside, with lots of green plants. You can see it amongst a good collection of shots from todays stroll.


So many great locations to shoot pictures, baah some times I wish I weren’t traveling alone this summer. I know I could just whip out my camera tripod, but it’s such a hassle.. Tomorrow I’m doing the bamboo train and I’m soo excited 🙂 I added this video so you can check it out! It looks so fun!! I might just share with the locals, someone might bring a goat and you know me, I love me some animals! Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone 🙂

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