Today my energy is really not at my best due to the lack of sleep. I stayed up till’ 2.30 am to finish all of my blogpost from the temple tour, I also managed to FaceTime with Camilla, my parents and my friend Morten, which you will be seeing a lot of on this blog from September. Morten will be my travel buddy for the next year to come. Even though I haven’t planned down to the details, nor checked up on visa rules and all the important stuff, what I have done on the other hand, is booked all my flights for 2017 except for one. In September I’m flying out to Manila to rendevouz with my travel buddy, from the Philippines, to Indonesia to Australia, and last night we booked tickets from Cairns to Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Fiji and theeeen New Zealand! Hello Hobbiton! Aaah my inner geek is squealing like the girl I am. I’ll be back in time for a Christmas celebration with my grandparents in Bangkok, and new years on some beautiful Thai island. I know, be jealous, I would hate me too. Hopefully not hate, because you know, it’s not very nice and we should all love each other, love, peace, happiness and all that. IMG_5451










You can call me Christine the explorer!

With a 4 hour sleep I packed the last of my stuff, checked out of my hotel and headed over to the Mekong bus, who would take me to Battambang. The bus left 8.00 am and took about 3,5 hours because the bus driver was driving really, really slow. I booked the tickets from, and payed 7 dollars. What is great with this company is that they also drive to Phnom Phen, and from there to Ho chi minh when the time comes.  Let’s just hope the next bus have reclining seats, because with the poor roads I did not get much sleep. Well, I did almost fall into the seat of the person next to me. You know when you’re sitting and sleeping, and the head starts doing the thing. Yeah, luckily I woke up before I face planted in her lap. I don’t think she would be very keen on my drooling head on her lap like some overgrown child. Arriving in Battambang there sure is no shortage of tuktuk drivers, it looked like one of those herds of walkers in the walking dead. There were at least 20 different drivers, everyone with a sign in their hand, screaming through the window. Oh boy, my claustrophobia is gonna love this. I waited until all the other passengers got out first, so I wouldn’t be stormed down but tuk tuk drivers. As soon as I stepped out there were 5 people screaming in my ear, shoving their sign in my face. Good lord it was too much, I found one guy who were more calm, more or less, he just dragged me away from the crowd. And this guy was very sweet, he even spoke a little Thai. Cambodians actually gets very excited when I say I’m half Thai, and many of them speak several languages, or at least enough to get them by with the tourists coming in. Thai and Cambodian is very similar, so it’s nice to understand some words. Think of a very strong danish accent and Norwegian, that would explain the difference/similarity. Also Thai music is a big thing here, so not everything is unfamiliar.

Paj (I forgot his name because I’m terrible with names) my tuktuk driver took me to Star Hotel, which is located 600 meters approximately from the french colonial buildings. A private room for the night is 7 dollars, so yeah why not. The room is nice and clean, with a fan that is so loud I will most likely sleep with earplugs. I had a bunch of dirty laundry, because the water in the hotel in Siem Reap smelled kinda bad, and.. oh wait, so maybe I smelled pretty bad for 4 days straight.. No wonder I didn’t make any friends.. :-/ Therefore I turned my room into a laundromat. Finally I can put the clothesline I bought to good use, for anyone who thinks it’s a crap idea, I beg to differ. 27593982P1040773P1040775P1040776P1040777

I know, it’s gorgeous. Now I’m gonna drag my sleepy lazy ass out to stroll around town, rent a bicycle for tomorrow, get a sim card so I can use google maps and on Sunday, Paj the tuktuk driver will come pick me up at 8.00 am to drive me around so I can do fun tourist stuff. Like the bamboo train, if you haven’t heard if it you should check it out. After the bamboo train, around 3 pm we’re going to the killing caves of Phnom Sampeau, now a place of pilgrimage. You can still see the remains of the 10,000 people bludgeoned to death by Khmer Rouge. At the hill base, people gather every evening at 5.30pm, to witness a thick column of bats pouring out of a massive cave on the north side of the cliff face. Sunday is going to be a very interesting day. Have a great weekend everyone, I know I will!

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