When you are going for the Angkor wat sunrise you have to wake up early, and by early I mean 4.30am at the latest. You have to get to the temple preferably before 5am. I had heard the sunrise was amazing, so I woke up at 4.30, Johnny my tuktuk driver was there to pick me up at 4.45 am. Running a bit late, I ran out with my necklace in my hand, my backpack still open, I tossed everything in the tuktuk and we we’re off. The road by my hotel is not good, there is a lot of holes making the whole tuktuk shake like crazy. Shake enough that my backpack, open I might add, fell into a huge puddle. All my stuff got soaked, I had to run back to my room for damage control. Luckily nothing got damaged, except I lost a part of my necklace. What a way to start the day.

First stop: Sunrise at Angkor WatP1040353P1040368IMG_5353It was too overclouded to see anything. I did make a time-lapse video where you can barely see the sunrise. The great thing about waking up that early is that the air is still cool and comfortable, plus this is a great time to get some good shots without all the other visitors in the background.

North gate of Angkor Thom P1040409P1040417

Second stop: Preak KhanP1040431P1040437P1040449P1040457P1040460P1040467P1040447P1040504P1040488P1040514P1040516

Third stop: Neak PeanP1040520P1040522P1040528P1040531P1040535P1040547P1040543P1040550

Forth stop: Ta som P1040551P1040559P1040565P1040571P1040570P1040574P1040581P1040588

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