So I made it to Cambodia! The land of ancient Khmer history, temples and the one and only Angkor Wat. For those of you who have me on snapchat knows the whole visa process was super confusing and stressful. The bus just dropped us off by the border to get our visas fixed, drove off with all our stuff to wait for us on the other side. We were shooed off to 3 different checkpoints, with the last one being on the open road, with shops, cars, scooters, trucks and kids running around. This did not feel like a border control, it felt like mayhem. For a second I was scared the bus had just driven off with all my stuff, and left me between the Thai/Cambodian border. After running around giving my passport to every immigration officer I saw, thinking they were the one to stamp my passport, I found the bus right next to the last checkpoint, praised the lord, got my stamp,  ran over to bus and happy that I get to live another day. It’s funny how such a little thing will make you want to shit your pants and run home to mommy.


Anyways, when I got off the bus in Siem Reap there were tuktuk drivers ready to drive you to your hotel, for free. Not having any place to stay, my tuktuk driver Johnny showed me a couple of places that fit my criteria. I just got my period, tired as hell after the bus drive and not really feeling the whole dorm sleeping arrangement, I got my self a private room. At first the room seemed really good, but then after I took my first shower there were this smell coming from the bathroom. It smells like sewage, and the water smells like rusty pipes. With the whole rain season going strong here every afternoon, the smell just get worse the longer it rains. And when I say rain, I mean it sounds like the roof is gonna collapse any minute. So that’s kinda shitty.. I only intended on staying one night as 12dollars per night is a bit pricy, but I must admit I’m having some serious lazy days, and with the 3 day temple tour, I’m just done for the day when I get back to the hotel, doing a 4 hour nap both days. The best part is having nobody around to judge me, but me. It’s ok to be lazy for a couple of days, traveling is exhausting at times. The internet here at my hotel is almost non working, making any update such a hassle. Right now my butt is planted on a chair at the cafe right across the street from my hotel, leaching off the wifi, like a true backpacker. I haven’t gotten a sim card yet, just been going about my day enjoying the offline mode from social media. I might get one, in case anything were to happen back home or with my grandparents back in Thailand. I’m alive and well fed, only a bit tired after waking up at 4.30 to check out the sunrise at Angkor Wat. Tomorrow is my last day of the temple tour, therefore tonight I’m gonna be a good girl and get well acquainted with my lonely planet book. I really wanna check out the floating village before I head over to Battambang, the city of French colonial construct. Now I’m gonna run back to the hotel before the rain gets to bad. Have a great day everyone, love from Siem Reap!

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