Three things are certain when you are traveling solo, and in hot humid areas.

  1. Taking a picture with a selfie stick is hella awkward
  2. If your legs are thick, and you aren’t wearing pants you will get the chub rub. Ouch!
  3. Mosquitos will eat you up

As I’m writing this post my legs are itching like crazy thanks to my 9 new mosquito bites, like bed bug bites all over my stomach wasn’t enough. There is one thing no one tells you when you decide to travel solo, and that is that there’s no one to take those cool travel photos of you. Yes you could just suck it up, get over that awkward part and get a selfie stick. But you know, it’s so awkward. I like to pretend that I’m this all brave chick who gives zero fucks, but deep down inside I cringe every time I do it alone in public. It’s such a stupid thing to get embarrassed about, everyone is practically a narcissist these days, and everyone does it. Don’t lie, you love taking shameless selfies.

While I was strolling around town alone today, it was actually really nice to just plug in the headphones and let the mind drift away. I love walking, but doing so in a new town where no one knows you, is one of the best feelings in the world. First things first, I wasn’t going to pay a taxi when half the experience is to walk the distance myself. Plus I need the exercise as my routine from home has gone to shits. To do so I need GPS because I cannot read a map to save my life. You know that little social media addiction I told you about, yeeeeah mama said screw that and got herself some more GB on her phone. Apparently it’s super easy, when your 30 days are over, you will get a text from dtac giving you the option to refill your internet package. Find a 7/11 which is on every corner here in Thailand. Fill up the amount you want, click on the link in the text, choose your package and voilá! With my renewed internet, I dashed in my destination and I strolled away. I said fuck it to my ridonkulus fear, and snapped some cool shots. It’s just too gorgeous to not do it.

Here are pictures from my temple hunt these two days. The temples in the pictures below is Wat Phra Singh, Wat Chedi Luang, Wat Chiang Man and Wat Saen Fang. All in a short walking distance from each other.

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This is the part where I tell you guys, that I got over my ridiculous fear, asked someone to be my 1 minute photographer, and posed away, right? Yeah nope. I was alone at this temple, and I set the self timer. Hey at least I got some pictures other than just my face.


Tomorrow I head up to the elephant sanctuary and I’m excited beyond words! Because I only had two days, and there is so much more I want to see and do here in this gorgeous city, including getting my Sak Yant and visit mountain village hill tribes. I’ll just prolong my stay here in the north. I don’t know about you guys, but I loose all my appetite when it’s hot, often going almost 10 hours in between every eating session. Simply because I forget I’m hungry and live off of fruit and chips. Now I’m gonna go find some food I can actually consume, yesterday I couldn’t finish my plat, it was too damn spicy. After I consume a delish Phad Thai, I will enjoy the new season of Orange is the new black aaaand start packing, once again. Tudels ya’ll!

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