What can I say? I had seen the pictures online showing amazing mountains soaring over the ocean, giving shelter to all the human mermaids splashing through the waves. The reviews from most travel bloggers called it a trap, boring, and not so beautiful. Thanks to one movie, The Beach as you have probably heard of, Phi Phi and the other Islands were put on everyone’s map as a must see destination. And I fully understand why. They say that we find the surrounding nature we grew up with, as the most attractive. In Norway we have mountains upon mountains everywhere. No wonder I fell in love with this beautiful little piece of Thai paradise.

Koh Samui was also very beautiful, but Krabi had this relaxing atmosphere giving a sense of serenity. Staying here 3 days wasn’t nearly enough time, since we lost one day due to not pre-booking tickets, we thought what the heck, it would have to do. We only decided to go to Krabi the night before, also because me and Camilla wanted more time together before we parted ways. So the lesson here is that being spontaneous doesn’t always pay off..


The unexpected last night in Koh Samui we ended up sleeping in a hostel, where no one in the dorm wanted to talk to us. Showers weren’t working and everything just felt dirty. I was prepared for the dirty, but I thought everyone was super chatty and friendly. Not everyone apparently. The room was freezing so I barely slept, and Camilla got bit by bedbugs so she didn’t sleep either. We woke up 7 in the morning, hopped in the shower as it finally was working, moved all our stuff out in the lobby to repack. Camilla and I weren’t keen on taking two trips on the scooter, sooo this was the result


One suitcase, one 80L backpack, 2 small daypacks and one bag. Hahah this was so heavy, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Me and Camilla have done a lot of shit throughout our 13 year friendship, this will forever be one of my favourite moments. This would never be legal in Norway, good thing we are in Asia!

Being born a wuss by nature, I get easily motion and seasick. It’s a nag but thankfully there are pills you can take. The problem with those pills is they make you into a zombie. You get so tired and drowsy, I think I fell asleep 5 times on the boat+bus to Krabi. When we arrived the hotel I was so tired, again I had to sleep. While Camilla was showering, I fell asleep like a corpse in a coffin. Camilla being Camilla, ofc she documented my weird sleeping position. I think I slept like this for 2 hours.


Being a vegetarian finding food in Asia is a challenge sometimes. Normally I don’t eat eggs, but being a traveler you have to adapt to where you go. You won’t always find proper source of proteins through vegetables. Here in Krabi there is one restaurant that is 100% vegan and vegetarian. The food is amazing! The restaurant is called Govinda’s, and is run by chilean owners. Even if you are not vegetarian, I would still recommend the food here. The vegan lasagna is so good! We loved the vibe, the atmosphere and the decor were all so mesmerising. A little mix between  french home cottage with exotic India.


Here are some pictures of Ao nang beach, and the National park that lies at the end of the beach. When you go to the National Park at day time you can see monkeys, but we went there during night time and the monkeys were sleeping. The end of the park leads to a private hotel beach, where we saw one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. Krabi is such a romantic place, you could smell the romance in the air.


Krabi is one of those places where pictures doesn’t really capture the beauty of it. The beauty isn’t always in the obvious. Often I find it hard to capture the feeling a place will give you. That’s is why I love filming with Gopro, all the memories come alive again. I have always been a visual person, I just never knew how much more I preferred it. While being here in Krabi, we had to see what the fuss about Phi Phi Island was all about. We took a boat tour to 4 different Islands, Phi Phi leh, Phi phi Don, Bamboo Island, Monkey bay and Maya bay (Movie location for the movie The Beach, but this was so crowded you should just skip it). We were not disappointed, you can check it out here in my travel video:


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