Today started out so great. A beautiful breakfast on the beach, ordered extra food for the seatransferry to Krabi. Picked up our clothes from the laundromat, arrived 45 minutes early on the pier. As I’ve said before, life as a nomad is never without surprise. Apparently the boat was full, we didn’t prebook our tickets. We had to stay one extra day here in Koh Samui. No biggie right? Not only did we miss our boat, I managed to leave the water bottle open in my daypack, soaking all my stuff. Luckily no damage, just my belongings getting a shower. Since Camilla brought a suitcase, not a backpack, this makes it hard to move around on foot. Taxi here on Koh Samui is hella expensive. Trying to live on the cheap like true backpackers, we rented a scooter instead. One 80L backpack, 2 daypacks, 3 bags and one 23kg suitcase. Doing it Thai style we moved all our crap in two rounds on one scooter. And you bet we are doing the same tomorrow, going back to the pier.

We checked in to Backpackers Euro hostel paying 100bath each for one night. I’m a backpacker, I can do some nights in a dorm. 5 minutes later we unloaded our stuff and took the opportunity to explore one last time. Not sure where to go, we already had been to almost all the beaches. Camilla had a great idea to find a waterfall, that was the one thing we didn’t have time to do. Khun Si waterfall is a scenic 40 minute drive. It started so beautiful with palm trees, it felt like a jungle. I can only imagine this is how Koh Samui used to look like. The dreamy scenery ended with me falling off the scooter. The uphill was so steep, the scooter couldn’t carry us both. I landed on my feet but had to walk all the way to the top. Of all the days we had in Koh Samui, this was the warmest. Well I wanted cardio and I sure got it! Reaching the top were this amazing view! Just check it out



A 300meter climb down to the waterfall and it was heaven on earth. Totally worth missing the boat to Krabi for this. I’ve always wanted to jump off a cliff/waterfall. Seeing Camilla be all brave about out it, I was gonna man up and just do it. No more thinking, time for action! The rocks were so slippery, as I climbed I slipped, fell and busted my knee. What?! Is this what you get for facing your fear?? This day was really starting to suck. I took my bruised knee and limped my way up to the scooter. Since we are staying in a hostel, we thought we just grab some food and a massage in Fishermans Village. A cosy little town with cafés, restaurants and boutiques. The village really lives up to the name. Fishermans village was where our night ended yesterday, so why not try to recreate that perfect ending.  After the day we had, a little facial with gold leafs followed up with a foot rub was in order. While we had our foot massage the rain started pouring down. And by that I mean only in Asia. We were driving a scooter, not to keen on getting soaked we stayed for dinner as well. By the time we finished eating the rain had stopped, thinking we were in the clear we headed home. Not so fast, this day ain’t over yet. The streets were flooded, I told Camilla to drive slow so we wouldn’t get wet… Out of nowhere a car drives past us in full speed, and we are soaked from head to toe! Come on!! The quote when it rains it pours could not fit us more perfectly. Just to put the cherry on top, the water isn’t working at the hostel so no shower for us.

Well here are some more enjoyable memories from Koh Samui. There isn’t much pictures, my thing is filming with Gopro. I’ll probably start editing on the 6 hour boat ride tomorrow.











Oh and me falling on my ass is caught on camera so stay tuned!

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