This weekend we decided to go temple hunting in the beautiful city of Ayutthaya. It’s known for ancient ruins and laid-back atmosphere. Ayutthaya isn’t far from Bangkok, just a short one hour bus drive. We took a minibus from Mo Chit northern bus station, paying 60 bath each. Besides another foreign couple, we were the last ones on the minibus. These buses aren’t made for us with big butts, or with long legs. Luckily it only took one hour so the discomfort didn’t last long. Our hotel was a 2 minute walk from where the minibus dropped us off. We stayed at PU inn resort. The hotel was OK, not worth the price though as pictures lie. Note to self, find accommodation when you get to the location. Our duvet was covered with insects and tiny little bugs.  Being a wuss, I threw it on the floor and slept in my silk liner.

Saturday started with a dip in the pool, oh how my body had longed for this. As the pool filled up with teenage boys, we headed up to our room to get ready for breakfast and temple hunting. After breakfast we tried to hire a tuktuk to drive us around, but it was so expensive. The tuktuk driver wanted 300 bath per hour, neither of us are good at haggling. We had already spent a little too much on hotel, a bicycle sounded hot but better for our wallets. To our delight they rented not only bicycles, but scooters! 200 bath for one day, hell yeah! Turns out when you speak thai, you get much better service. I don’t look thai or even half thai for that matter, everyone is surprised when I start speaking. In Bangkok no one cares if I’m half thai, except the taxi drivers who want to know why I speak the language. Here in Ayutthaya the service has been impeccable. We didn’t have to pay any deposit for the scooter, got extra bananas with our ice-cream, and in general being met with more respect. For anyone coming here, it’s tempting to dress very light and show off a lot of skin cause of the heat. Most thai’s actually find it uncomfortable and sometimes disrespectful. They will never say it, but trust me, they will talk about you in thai. Get that dictionary, learn some words and cover up when you’re not at the pool/beach.



All restaurants and hotels had these great maps with a overview of the city. We grabbed one from our hotel, put our helmets on and started cruising town.













We visited four different temples. Wat Ratchaburana, Wat Maha tat, Wat Phra Si Sanphet and Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon. They were as beautiful as I had imagined, even more so when looking through all the pictures and film. It was burning hot, the sun was baking our skin and the sweat was pouring down our backs. Therefore we had some difficulty to soak it all in. To save time and energy, I recommend renting a scooter instead of a bike. It’s not very much from the budget, and the little break from the heat is totally worth 200 bath. Now we’re going for dinner before heading back to Bangkok. Hope you all have a buddhaful sunday afternoon.

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