Whenever I travel to Thailand, I prefer flying with Thai Airways. The service, the food and the space is everything a passenger can dream of. This time I tried Norwegian, a bit sceptical  because the last time it didn’t go so well. Norwegian had just started the long haul routes with a brand new plane called the Dreamliner. There were a lot of problems in the beginning, and I ended up flying in an old Portuguese one. This time I actually got to fly in a brand new Dreamliner. The plane was spacious, and comfortable. To be able to have a meal on the flight, you have to make a reservation at least 72 hours beforehand. My friend preordered the vegetarian meal, boy am I glad I didn’t. Airplane food isn’t much, but this was just terrible. The food was soggy, soaked in oil and the taste was poor. Breakfast was a yoghurt, one box of juice and a piece of bread. When you pay 250 kr extra for food, you should get a better meal. Come’on Norwegian! Luckily I bought snacks, water and food before boarding. You can’t expect much when paying 2000kr one way, but still, not a cup of water?

As I chose the aisle seat due to my bladder being the size of a peanut, I almost didn’t  get any shut-eye. The man sitting in the middle seat between me and my friend, didn’t leave me much time to sleep. Every hour he would go to check on his girlfriend, or she would come by his seat. Me and Camilla both just got single, and none of us wanted to sit next to Romeo and Juliet. It must be nice to be that in love, but come on, no one wants to watch someone french the hell out of each other.


We arrived 6am eager to stretch our legs. For the first time, I travelled with a tourist visa since I’m staying longer than the 30 visa free days. Immigration took a little longer than usual, but we got our passports stamped without any problems or questions. Just remember to fill out all the information, on the immigration cards (arrival AND departure) they hand out before landing. Normally I would go for a suitcase, but since I’m traveling long term,  a backpack is more practical. After 40 minutes of waiting for our luggage, I was afraid something had happened. Luckily it arrived without any damage. We then headed to the dtac counter to get our thai sim cards. Dtac is the same as Telenor in Norway. There are different options depending on how much internet you need. I’m a big spender on the GB, therefore I chose the 30 days with unlimited internet access for 1350bath. After a little confusion with the new taxi system, we found the ticket box, got our number and voilà, we were on our way to my grandparents.

My initial plan was to blog at least 2-3 times a week, giving updates with pictures on how my life as a nomad is working out. But unfortunately my laptop stopped working, the screen just turned black and the keyboard would not react to any touch. I brought my Macbook Air to iServe at Central World. If you are having trouble with your apple products, this is the place to go. My mac is 5 years old after all, some problems is to be expected. Turns out there was a issue with the trackpad (whatever that is). They had to order a new to replace the old. We were only planning on staying in Bangkok for a week, heading up to Chiang Mai the 18th, but they said it’s gonna take 7-10 days for the new part to arrive. Life as a nomad is never without a surprise.


For now, I’m gonna enjoy this fresh coconut in this beautiful city. There will be an update with details about Bangkok, with pictures when my mac is fixed and ready to go.

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